Beaded Cat

Beaded Cat In order to make a cat out of beads, we need: 1) Czech beads of two colors. I chose the gold as the main one, and the silver one (for the pooch); 2) Green, pink small and large beads for the eyes.


Snowflake This snowflake is much more beautiful than the usual one, cut out just from a piece of paper, but it becomes much more difficult. From the very beginning I wanted to name my story not just a snowflake, but a snowflake from Oksana.

How to stick a protective glass on the phone

How to stick a protective glass on the phone Samsung i9190 Galaxy s4 mini was chosen for the role of an “experimental” phone. The device has cracked glass, the ability to replace which has not yet been. To protect the screen from ingress of.

Mosaic Picture from Pigeons' Discs

Mosaic picture of the disks "Pigeons" Hello, I can tell you today about creating a picture of damaged or unnecessary CDs and DVDs. These unusual pictures turn out very beautiful, - they sparkle and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. But making.

Personal experience of buying a car through the site ads

Personal experience of buying a car through the site ads Six months ago we were looking for a wife for a not too old middle class car for solving standard tasks like shopping, delivering children to school and all sorts of music and art.

The Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle: How It Was

The Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle: How It Was Irina Shchapova, journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic We spent half the day watching the royal wedding and now share with you our impressions. 10:00 The long-awaited day has arrived: today British Prince Harry.

How to open a golf club

How to open a golf club You will need - business plan; - financing; - licenses and permits; - inventory suppliers; - employees; - advertising. Instruction Select the services you offer to customers and the equipment to be used. You can purchase land for.

Myths about Coffee that were Unveiled

Myths about Coffee that were Unveiled Coffee is a favorite drink of many. Over the past decades, it has repeatedly been declared something very harmful, then extremely useful and even necessary for normal life activity. Although this product has long become familiar to us.

Knitted openwork pullover with a wide neckline

Knitted openwork pullover with a wide neckline Openwork pullover with a wide neckline- knit a trendy and comfortable pullover. For example, for walking in slightly cool weather. Materials and tools: 450 (550) 650 grams of gray-brown yarn (100% cotton, 90 m / 50 g);.

30 Unmatched cat houses that you can do yourself

30 Cats Unmatched Houses You Can Make By Yourself For pets, Crafts, Gifts, Decor, Workshop, Furniture The world has gone mad with love for cats. They are loyal and cute creatures, in spite of rare cases when you find a pool in your shoes.

Textile Cup for Kitchen Utensils

Textile Kitchenware Cup Do you want to diversify the kitchen interior with maximum effect and without significant financial costs? Then pay attention to textile accessories: a bright tablecloth, napkins of different shapes, new kitchen towels, and unusual textile baskets and cups will not only.

Cookies for loved ones

Cookies for loved ones The most pleasant, warm and exciting moments are moments spent with loved ones and loved ones. And what could be better than a cup of hot, exciting and fragrant coffee in the morning with cream and homemade cookies in the.

How to dry fruit

How to dry fruit? Anna Mikhailova March 24, 2015 Dried fruits have an amazing taste and are very useful, so many are stocked for future use. Let's talk about how to dry the fruit. Basic methods of drying fruits The first step is to.

What is tangent

What is tangent? Galina Uneasy April 1, 2013 The study of trigonometric functions is included in the school curriculum and is studied in the course "trigonometry". But despite this, most of such designations as tangent, as well as sine, cosine and cotangent often scare.

Simple flower stand from boards

Simple flower stand from boards A simple stand for flowers from planks- we make a simple and convenient stand for flower pots. These coasters can be folded multi-level stack for flowers, which can be placed both indoors and outdoors (in the garden). Materials and.

15 A-shaped chicken hen, from which the birds will be delighted

15 A-shaped chicken coops from which birds will be delighted Crafts, Architecture, Decor, Workshop, Garden, Cheap A chicken coop doesn't have to be an unsightly enclosed space that destroys the look of a garden or vegetable garden, so it's time to design a modern.

What can you do while standing in a traffic jam

What can you do while standing in a traffic jam Cork is a great place for self-development. Hours spent in traffic jams, it is worth spending not on irritation and abuse, but on your loved ones. So you and nerves save, and acquire new.

How to crochet a bat

How to crochet a bat October 31, we will celebrate Halloween! For now we will connect a small souvenir to this holiday. In this master class, we will crochet a bat on Halloween with step by step photos. This toy fits very quickly, and.

Snake's Snail Tilda

Tilde Snail with your own hands Recently, toys in the style of a Tilda doll are quite popular. Their range is very diverse. They differ from ordinary toys in their face. On the face they have only small dots and pink blush on their.

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