Crochet open collar

Openwork invoice collar Probably, every girl dreams to find a solution-answer to the question, which is before her every morning. After all, many people think that the girls' morning starts with make-up, but not always, most often, without having to wake up, the ladies.

New Year gifts with own hands

New Year gifts with own hands The New Year is a special holiday, a holiday of fun, goodness and a fabulous atmosphere. Everyone is looking forward to it and preparing for it: Christmas trees, toys, decorations, beautiful outfits, a varied menu and, of course.

Arrange a convenient storage space on the balcony

Arrange a convenient storage space on the balcony The balcony is traditionally used as storage for those things that we don’t need every day. Sometimes this leads to cluttering up the loss of functionality of a useful room. But a balcony or a loggia.

Christmas ball toy

Christmas tree toy Snow ball Christmas tree toy Snowballis a New Year's master class, we make a New Year's toy of threads and sequins, using many of the familiar techniques of winding a balloon with threads. Materials and tools: Muline thread or yarn; PVA.

Homemade Estragon

Homemade Estragon Homemade Tarragonis a recipe. Ingredients: a small bunch of fresh tarragon; 1-2 tsp sugar; a few slices of lemon Cooking Rinse the tarragon, tear off the leaves from the stems. Stems cut into pieces 1-2 cm long, dip into boiling water, leave.

How to make a whistle with your own hands

How to make a whistle with your own hands? The whistle is simple, but such an amusing and fun children's toy! And if you want, you can do it yourself. How to make a whistle? How can you make a whistle with your own.

How to reduce intraocular pressure

How to reduce intraocular pressure Instruction Drug treatment. It is selected only by a doctor after a thorough examination and determination of the type of glaucoma. There are several groups of drugs. Some improve the circulation of intraocular fluid, others reduce its production, others.

How to decorate the windows for the New Year

How to decorate the windows for the New Year? By the New Year, it is customary to decorate the house to create a festive atmosphere. Different elements of the interior are decorated, and even windows can be made beautiful and unusual. Find out how.

Non-ferrous metal casting in sand

Non-ferrous metal casting in sand Today let's talk about casting non-ferrous metals in the sand. In one of the previous articles, I talked about the blacksmith, the temperature of which is enough to melt non-ferrous metals. I melted aluminum. As an example, I will.

Unique jewelry: beads, earrings

Unique jewelry: beads, earrings I think no one will deny the fact that all women love jewelry. I, for example, prefer for each side to have their own unique decoration. Moreover, not just beads or separate earrings, but a whole set. I offer you.

How to delete a folder

How to delete a folder? Folders are a convenient way to group files. In Windows, there are standard sets of user folders, and in addition, you can create them yourself in unlimited quantities. But what if the folder is no longer needed? In this.

What dreams about the surgeon (doctor)

What dreams about the surgeon (doctor) The doctor who came to see in a dream can testify about many things. First of all, it is a reason to think about your health. For accuracy of interpretation, it is necessary to remember which physician was.

How to cook carpaccio

How to cook carpaccio? Natalya Kosenko January 23, 2015 Anyone who knows what carpaccio is, and at least once tried it, will definitely want to cook carpaccio at home. Italian dish in the classic version involves the use of beef. Over time, various varieties.

Decorative Candles

Decorative candles The use of candles can not only decorate a boring and dull interior, but also create a special, unique mood. At the same time, candles never overload the interior, it’s not for nothing that they are the main decor object in the.

Magnetic Welding Corner

Magnetic welding corner When carrying out welding work, there are times when it is necessary to simultaneously grip the part and hold it at a certain angle. For such work you need two people or a special tool. The most commonly used clamp. With.

Unpretentious perennials for the garden: when care is minimized

Unpretentious perennials for the garden: when care is minimized The special charm of perennial flowers is that they will constantly please the eye. At the same time they are unpretentious and do not require constant care. From such flowers it is easy to create.

Are there ghosts

Are there ghosts? Angelica Artemyeva July 6, 2012 Ghosts are the souls of dead people who for some reason cannot find eternal peace. Sometimes a person who died a violent death, or one who has an unfinished business left in this world, becomes a.

Masquerade for February 23

Masquerade for February 23 Any holiday can be made more joyful and memorable if you arrange a masquerade. Some people think thatcarnivalcostumes are mainly intended for children, while adults only wear them for New Year or Halloween. But you try to arrange a masquerade.

How to remove the program from the tray

How to remove the program from the tray Instruction Take the opportunity to change the settings of the program itself to disable the display of its tray icon. In most software products, manufacturers provide this option. First open the window for changing the settings.

How to reduce fuel consumption

How to reduce fuel consumption Instruction Main factor affecting consumptionfuelcar, is the skill of driving the driver.Consumptionfuelincreases during frequent acceleration and deceleration, as well as with a strongly pressed clutch pedal during gear changes. The driver is recommended to choose unobstructed routes, excluding long.

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