10 best shampoos for colored hair

Any woman at least once in her life painted her curls. After such a procedure, the hair looks simply stunning - the dark and red strands become a deep saturated shade with incredible brilliance, and the bright strands fill with an inexpressible radiance. Therefore, it is clear the desire of any owner of such beauty to keep the favorite color longer. In this case, help shampoos for colored hair.

However, we should not forget that any paint, no matter how expensive and of high quality it is, harms the strands. This is especially true for bleaching shades that completely remove the natural pigments of the hair. And it so happens that after dyeing instead of shiny and strong strands, a woman sees in the mirror lifeless, dry and brittle hair that looks like tow.

And no matter where the painting took place - at home or in a beauty salon. Therefore, in this case, the product for washing colored strands should first of all restore their structure.

To the choice of detergent, used after coloring, you need to approach in detail, because it cares for hair and treats them. It is worth knowing that such a product must have the following properties:

  • restoration of damaged hair structure;
  • nutrition and hydration of the cuticle, which is responsible for silkiness and shine;
  • securing and maintaining the brightness of the color;
  • UV protection strands.

On the shelves you can find a huge selection of shampoos that are applied after painting. In order not to get confused in this diversity and decide what to choose the right tool for yourself, you need to study the composition and read reviews on the Internet.

The most effective means

We decided to simplify your task: we studied the opinions of consumers and made an independent rating of the 10 best tools that wash colored strands. This includes well-known Western and domestic manufacturers.

We open the TOP ten professional line of shampoos that can be purchased commercially and successfully used at home.

1. MulsanCosmeticRepairShampoo 

CompanyMulsanis the undisputed leader in the category of safe shampoos, but for colored hair this is not inappropriate.Due to the absence of aggressive chemical components (SLS / SLES) in the composition, the shampoo does not wash out the pigmenting pigments, leaving the color saturated for a long time. Birch buds extract accelerates the growth of strands, normalizes the sebaceous glands, restores the hair structure. Almond extract protects the curls from damage. Bythe resultstests receives the highest score, while remaining in the affordable price range of 399 rubles for 300 ml. With unique products you can find on the official site (mulsan.ru).

2.Bain Chroma Captive KerastaseIt is the most expensive and elegant product (the price is about 1400 rubles for 250 ml). As part of only natural ingredients that give the maximum shine and gently cleaned from contamination. The revolutionary Systeme Capture complex blocks the leaching of color pigments, thanks to which the color remains bright for up to a month (with regular use of the Chroma Captiva series). UV filters protect the curls from aggressive environmental influences.

3. ShampooL’Oreal Professional Série Expert Absolut Lipidiumusing the innovative Neofibrine system (a combination of Bio-Mimetic ceramide and sunscreen) effectively restores the damaged strand structure at the cellular level, returning them vitality and strength.Curls become healthy, strong and filled with shine. The price of 250 ml of such a productive product is in the range from 700 to 830 rubles.

4.Londa Professional Color RadianceYou can buy 250 rubles for 650 rubles. The tool instantly protects the hair from washing out the color. Due to herbal extracts and natural oils, gentle cleansing of the hair occurs and a fantastic shine appears. Curls become soft and obedient. The tool professionally protects dyed hair from UV radiation, while removing chemical residues, but maintaining color.

5. DetergentKapous Color Carefully nourishes the roots, effectively neutralizes unwanted shades, which turned out after painting the strands. 350 ml of funds cost 220 rubles. The active ingredients of cereals and vitamin E effectively preserve the brightness of the color at the molecular level. Milk proteins restore the damaged structure of the cuticle. Amino acids and plant extracts that are part of, actively nourish the roots and strands along the entire length.

6.Periche colored hair shampooIt has proven itself and is popular with women. Macadamia oil protects the capillaries from dehydration and prevents the structural destruction of hair from the sun's rays.Extract of cucumber and Marula oil actively moisturize and nourish strands along the entire length. With constant use perfectly preserves the color and shine of the curls that have been painted. Not too high price of this professional drug (about 560 rubles per 500 ml volume) allows you to purchase it instead of the mass market.

7.Matrix Biolage Color Carepresented by manufacturers as an organic product, the average price of which is 550-650 rubles for 250 ml. Active ingredients such as hibiscus extract, soybean and citrus proteins help curls to recover from staining and give them strength. The product is used to preserve for the long time the most vivid and rich color of the strands. After its regular use, the damaged curls become soft, obedient, easy to fit.

Close the top ten of our ranking shampoo budget class.

8. MeansNatura Siberica “Protection and shine for dyed and damaged hair”Russian production, in which there are no sulfates, parabens and mineral oils. A natural and popular product consists of extracts and oils from the wild herbs of Siberia.The organic solution of soapwort regulates the sebaceous glands, strengthens the bulbs. Altai sea buckthorn oil is saturated with vitamins and macronutrients that nourish and restore damaged curls, gives them shine and strength. Dahurian soybean oil nourishes and moisturizes dry tips. This product can be purchased in stores for 300 rubles (400 ml).

9.Detergent Ginger and Hop from Green MamaDesigned specifically for dyed strands. Thanks to the active herbal ingredients, the curls improve after painting, and their growth is accelerated. Peach seed oil enhances the glossy shine, gives silkiness and softness of hair. This washing formula does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, fragrances, so the washing of the head takes place gently and delicately. The average price for this product is 250-300 rubles for 250 ml.

10.L’OREAL ELSEVE Color and Glittercreated on the basis of an innovative formula that aims to enhance color, protect it from leaching and maintain saturation. UV filters protect strands from harmful solar radiation. Additionally, the curls are nourished; they become smooth and silky.At the same time, the active ingredients add shine and radiance to curls. Ideal for owners of light curls. The cost of such a unique product is 200 rubles (250 ml), and it can be found on the shelves of any supermarkets.

11.Shampoo Clear Vita Abeperfectly restores damaged painted strands. Advanced Nutrium 10 technology consists of ten nutrients and herbal ingredients that literally saturate the strands with vital energy and strength. Formula means further aimed at removing dandruff. Regular use of this shampoo will make strands healthy and strong. 400 ml of this high-quality product cost about 450 rubles.

After reviewing our ranking of the best and most effective detergents for colored strands, you can easily make your choice in favor of professional formulas or a more budget product.

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