10 things that (guaranteed) will improve your quality of life

Most of the Soviet citizens did not have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, design and architecture. The turning point was November 4, 1955 - the release date of the notoriously famous decree "On the elimination of excesses in design and construction": at the head of the corner put strict functionality and efficiency. In this paradigm more than one generation has grown, having formed certain habits and ways of life. And passed its installation to children.

In this article we will try to find methods for "extracting" more comfort and pleasure from the space where you live. Experience has shown that without such a base it is impossible to build high-quality aesthetics: either the apartment will look like a museum, or life will still prevail.

Modern Bedroom Bedroom

In the first part of the article we will talk about those planning decisions that we ignore in vain. And in the second - pay attention to the seemingly minor detailswhich add to the house psychological (above all) comfort.

Transience Laundry by Talianko Design Group, LLC

1. Lack of space for drying clothes
It is believed that this requires a lot of space. It is enough to put a washing machine in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and wet laundry ... Well, he is on the way to the balcony or drying in the bathroom (well, if not the wall in the children's room). As a result, our not the biggest apartments turn into polygons for drying clothes. Even on the balcony, the laundry does not dry out instantly, and it is unlikely that you will begin to engage in container floriculture along with the laundry. Even worse, if the clothes are dried in the bathroom, and instead of taking a shower and relaxing, we have to fight for the right to wash themselves.

Fact: The required minimum size of the laundry room is less than 1 square meter, while to save space, the drying and washing machines are placed one on another. There are systems where an extra box for dirty laundry is mounted below.

Modernism Laundry by Art of Kitchens Pty Ltd

Drying can be organized anywhere: in a closed cupboard in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the pantry room. The most important thing is that wet clothes are taken out of the open visual review zone.

Tip: When planning such a room, be sure to take care of the supply of electricity, cold water and drainage of sewage. All this is easier to implement than it seems.And the bills for electricity will not be so frightening with Class A appliances.

Classic Wardrobe by Taylor Hannah Architect Inc

2. Dressing - not for "small-scale"
The line of thought is the same: a lot of places are needed, but it is not in our apartments. Dressing rooms can not be designed, so (bingo!) We will put a lot of cabinets on the walls. As a result, the rooms begin to resemble the branches of the furniture store, the cabinets (especially if there are many of them) visually protrude, fill the volume and drag space.

Separately, I would like to dwell on the theme of sliding wardrobes. None of the high interior they are not. This type of cabinets in the mass has a low aesthetic value - webs of a strange size (very wide board), a controversial color (for example, shade of "cherry" or photoprints), mirrors or frosted glass. Doors do not stand in the same plane: all the internal accessories are always visually distinguishable, and it "is not about beauty."

Modern Dressing Room by SoCal Contractor

Practically in any, even very small apartment there is enough space for a wardrobe. The presence of such a room is always great functionality and comfort.
The apartment with a dressing room with other things being equal is more expensive than an apartment without a dressing room for resale.
And one more is almost always the right statement: to build a dressing room is more economical than ordering wardrobes, even sliding ones.

Tip: If you are going to make a dressing room, look at the size range of cabinets (their depth is different), wardrobe elements and fittings - so that you can use precious meters with maximum efficiency. And just in case: the minimum comfortable size of the passage between the cabinets and shelves is 1 m.

Classic Kitchen by Mylands

3. If the kitchen is expensive - do not litter it
Nothing like this. Especially if you ordered a lot of beautiful open shelves — they create the lightness of the space. Yes! And now we put on them flakes, tea packs and bags of cookies. And, thus, wonders of graphic and industrial design (packaging) from many different authors, good and not so, fall into your home. Their goal was to force you to buy goods, and not to decorate the interior. You see these design substitutes every day, year after year. The money that was spent on the kitchen does not work. There is no aesthetics - there is vanity.

Tip: In principle, this applies to all open shelves in an apartment. It is necessary to understand in advance what and where it will be displayed.For storage of groceries need to design roomy shelves closed. And on the open - show favorites: beautiful dishes, for example.

Modern Toilet by Rico

4. Guest toilet in the apartment for three - an excess
One bathroom is enough, why spend money and precious meters on it? There are only three of us in the apartment (for example).

In the future, we are depriving ourselves of a fair amount of comfort: no one wants to rush into the bathroom and hear a knock on the door - this is less than pleasant. You are absolutely not obliged to maintain the ideal order “for guests” in the family bathroom (and be embarrassed if outsiders see objects of hygiene that are not intended for their eyes).

Fact: If desired, and the technical capabilities of the guest bathroom can be made on an area close to 1 (one) square meter! It is only important to clarify the possibilities for coordinating such redevelopment, based on the capabilities of your home.

Modern Bathroom by DEKORA Staging Inc

5. The top of the bourgeois - the bedroom
If there is enough space, be sure to lay in the plan a separate private unit, where you can include not only the bathroom, but also a dressing room with it: 22-25 square meters is enough for this purpose.

If the apartment has two risers or there is an opportunity to conduct a separate branch of the sewer in addition,then think about it again: it will change your habitual structure to a more comfortable one.

Modern Corridor by Robert Kaner Interior Design

So, we proceed to the second part - namely, we argue how to feel yourself in space calmly and confidently.

6. Make predictable layouts.
Remember your panic when you first get into the labyrinth: the brain produces a similar reaction in the interior with dead ends, unexpected corners and turns. Let it not be so obvious, but it definitely will not let your nervous system relax, and therefore you will not rest at home, although you will get used to everything.

Classic Corridor by Claude C. Lapp Architects, LLC

Compare the comprehensible functionality of modern tablets, in which even children understand for a couple of hours, and the functionality that computers were endowed with 15 years ago. So with the layout: it should be simple and intuitive.

No spectacular decor will not help with slurred layout. The decor is like a cherry on a cake: yes, it is big, important and beautiful, but if the cake is of inadequate quality, then “in the bottom line” and a cherry are money that was thrown out. Therefore, the first thing I advise you to "fight" with is changing the logic of the illogical space, correcting the planning errors, which are many.

Modern Kitchen by Sylvain Perillat Architecte

7. More light
Turn on as much light as possible inside, give calm signals to your brain.

Modern Hallway by Bellila

8. Above the door
According to the well-established opinion, the doors are standard height 200 or 210 cm - other sizes are made to order and cost a fortune. What we get: do not even look for an alternative - we live with low and wide doors that visually lower the ceiling.

Entering high doors, a person feels more confident, decently, probably, the brain gives a signal: the entrance is not low, there is light and space. Apartments with higher doors, other things being equal, never look like economy class.
All or almost all admire the elegance of French interiors: they always have doors either high or very high (literally to the ceiling).

Contemporary Dining Room by Pierre Jean Verger

Yes, they are thus narrow, and if a wide passage is necessary, not one door is needed, but two narrow high double-leaf swing doors. And believe me, the height of standard doors in modern manufacturers may be different. Make 2.20, 2.30, 2.40 almost all manufacturers are able.

Tip: If possible, choose the doors as narrow as possible (70 cm is usually enough), but before that understand what kind of dimensional furniture you will carry through them. Suddenly it will be a grand piano?

Modernism Bathroom by Tim Shaw - Impress Photography

9. Remove the toilet out of sight
Everyone is familiar with the situation when, going into a beautiful spacious bathroom, you first of all rest your eyes on the toilet. Which in any case is perceived as "the most dirty place in the house", no matter what design subject does not occupy this place.

And at once it’s hard to imagine that a bathroom is a space where people really bask in a bubble bath and drink champagne. No matter how spacious and richly decorated it is.

Modern Bathroom by Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Even if the bathroom is small, consider installing a bathtub or a beautiful washbasin in front of the entrance. There is always a solution: almost all manufacturers have a compact line of sanitary ware.

Transit Kitchen by Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

10. Avoid artificial
In our lives, replacements of natural beauty, including finishing, have become firmly established. If it seems to you that they are not visually visually different - you may even be right. Someone cute and artificial flowers, visually similar to these. Here are just a different feeling: they just do not deliver the same pleasure!

So it is here: you walk on this floor and feel pressed chips and film; you open and close the curtains, which will never fade and do not erase.It's time to rebel now: a) it's expensive! b) the natural material needs care!

Modern Bedroom by Bismut & Bismut Architectes

You can argue about prices - there is a huge supply of materials on the market, including from Russian manufacturers, at a very competitive price. And as for the "inability" of synthetics, let us make an analogy with expensive clothes. Getting rid of polyester in favor of cashmere, you bring your wardrobe to a qualitatively different level. Yes, such a sweater in the machine can not be turned down and you can not dry on the battery - you will have to dry-clean. And yes, it will become worthless if mistreated.

Yes, nothing lasts forever, natural interiors grow old. But this is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of using them here and now.

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