10 unusual houses in which people actually live

Any family wants to live in a cozy and comfortable home, each thing in which lies in its place. Many people react negatively to the upcoming relocation: what is the cost of preparation, fees, endless wrangling and disputes of relatives about how to sort and pack things! Nevertheless, you must admit that there is something magical in changing the situation. The new house also symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in life, promising many wonderful changes.

Ten desperate brave souls and adventurers from different parts of the globe show the whole world that a change of residence can be very, very cardinal.

The narrowest house in the world - Warsaw, Poland

Fact:14 square meters m. of living space stretched on two floors.

At the narrowest point, the width of this house is only 0.6 m, and at its widest - 1.2 m.

Here is a bed, table, bean bag ...

... even fit the kitchen and bathroom.

There is a lot of space here so that you can safely stretch your legs, which means that this is a fully-fledged apartment.

In fact, the outwardly narrow house does not seem so convenient.

Completely transparent house - Tokyo, Japan

This house in Tokyo is definitely larger in size than a dwelling in Warsaw. The living area is approximately 83.5 sq. M. m

But there is definitely something lacking in him, for example, the possibility of being alone with himself.

At least, tenants do not complain of poor lighting in the house. The architects have done a lot of creative work, and, you see, housing looks very unusual.

Old water tower turned into a designer house - Statenkerzel, Belgium

The tower was built in the distant 1930s and worked until the 1990s.

A little later, in 2007, the water tower was reconstructed into a six-story apartment.

We will have to climb the stairs more than once to go around the whole apartment with its huge living space of 400 sq. M. m

"Fun" house consisting of slides - Nakameguro, Japan

Although this house, built in 2009, seems quite ordinary from the outside, there is a little secret inside.

At the base of this "merry" house are two slides, which children like very much. They never miss breakfast in the morning and are not late.

But in the evening, you still have to go upstairs to get back to the bedroom.

House based on the cartoon "Flintstones" - Malibu, USA

This is home to the real and most loyal Flintstones fans.

However, here you will not find angular things and strange objects, with an accuracy of imitating the life of the Stone Age.

Rather, you will find homely comfort echoing scenes from an old 1960s cartoon. By the way, a couple of years ago the house was sold for $ 3.5 million.

Skateboarding Home - Malibu, USA

This house was built for himself by the ex-world champion in skateboarding Pierre-Andre Seniserg.

Lovers can ride and perform tricks right inside the house - you can even ride on the furniture!

The smallest house in the world (1 sq. M.) - Berlin, Germany

Owners paid only 300 dollars to build this miniature house.

But it is clear that for a full life this house does not suit.

Stone house between two boulders - Fafe, Portugal

This house was built in the 1970s. The walls here are so strong that, perhaps, they will stand until the 2970th year.

Inside the house there are all Spartan amenities and, of course, there is no electricity.

Shell Shape House - Mexico City, Mexico

Do you already hear the sound of waves crashing against the walls?

This dwelling was built in the 2006th year.

I just want to breathe and feel the charming atmosphere of the house!

Every little detail has been given special attention.

It seems that it is physically impossible to hit the little finger on some sharp corner.

Dwelling house church - Utrecht, the Netherlands

Over the past few decades, hundreds of churches have closed throughout the Netherlands. Some of them got a new life.

This house is an example of how an old church can be turned into a living space.

Although some of the houses are strange and, rather, suitable for the Guinness Book of Records, it is worth paying tribute to architects who have managed to realize such bold and creative ideas.

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