15 unusual charming flower beds that you want to do!

Even on the smallest dacha there is always a place for flowers. The easiest way to make flower beds in the form of beds or plant flowers on the beds with vegetables.

And if you are thinking of something cool, then we recommend you to make unusual original flower beds in the country. We picked up 15 great ideas of unusual flower beds that look like flower streams.

The garden is a great place for creativity. Look, and be inspired to create your own masterpieces!

1. The Milky Way can be made from low chrysanthemums or perennial daisies.

2. Blue trickle of forget-me-nots

3. Marigolds perfectly imitate orange paint spilled from a tube.

4. Low-growing flowers, for example, lobelia perfectly “flow” from clay amphoras

5. Charming succulents need smaller containers.

6. Miracle - a jug can become the center of your landscape flower arrangement.

7. Old barrels - an excellent source of a flower stream

8.The whole truck of flower beauty

9. Flower car requires space and looks great in open spaces.

10. Pansies give a huge scope for creativity. In one flowerbed the whole palette of colors.

11. From white flowers you can create the illusion of white foam

12. Roly-wet-room flower grows well in the garden

13. Even from a small pot you can make a streamlet, for decorating a platform near the house.

14. Cute green spot for a shady corner in the garden

15. Gentle - blue flower bed goes well with ornamental shrubs

Such a flower bed in the country, not only attracts attention and delights the neighbors in the dacha, but it is also excellent to use old kitchen utensils and other waste material to create.

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