19 extremely cool ways to use ice molds

Ice cakes- an indispensable tool in the kitchen, which should be in the arsenal of every hostess! This device will be especially useful in summer, when it is hot in the street and you want to drink or eat something refreshing.

We have prepared for you 19 unusual ways to use ice cakes, which are sure to be useful to you. So quickly bookmark this article!

1. You can pour coffee in the molds, freeze it and add to the heat in the milk. Get an excellent summer drink.frozen coffee
2. Leftover red or white wine can be frozen and these cubes can be used to make various sauces.frozen wine
3. You can also freeze yogurt, especially if it has a short shelf life. This is a great treat for summer, which some people like even more than ice cream!frozen yogurt
4. Freeze fruit puree. It is not only delicious and useful, but also a very refreshing dessert!frozen fruit puree
5.You can still freeze the watermelon and enjoy your favorite dessert, even in winter!frozen watermelon
6. Freezing water, put flowers there. This ice can be used as a decoration! frozen flowers
7. In ice tins, you can make chocolate desserts, such as strawberries in chocolate!chocolate covered strawberries
8. Freeze grenadine and add this ice to alcoholic drinks or cocktails. So they will be chilled and you will not dilute them with ordinary ice.frozen grenadine
9. Freeze citrus juices and add cubes to plain water. The best soft drink you will not find!frozen juice
10. Edible glitter of gum arabic is an excellent decoration for various dishes and cocktails. And if they also freeze ...ice with sparkles
11. Sushi can be saved by freezing them. frozen sushi
12. Freeze aloe juice and wipe your skin with it. This is an excellent tonic!frozen aloe juice
13. Freeze fruit and berry smoothies. Ambulance when it's hot and hungry!frozen smoothies
14. The flowers you can eat are frozen flowers.frozen flowers
15. Frozen chocolate can also be added to cocktails.frozen chocolate
16. If you freeze mint and lime with ordinary water, you can make a mojito at least daily! frozen mint
17. Colorful ice cream cubes - a great addition to the usual milk shake.ice cream
18. Fruit ice, which consists of several layers, is something!fruit ice
19. Freeze parsley and dill in olive oil, so you will always have fresh greens on hand.

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