25 ingenious entries in school diaries that even made parents laugh

Today, we have double-blooded our blockhead ... - For what ?! The first time for the fact that the diary alone two and coke. - And second?! And the second ... When it turned out that he gave me the diary of my youth ...) Your children are your continuation and reflection, and if you cannot make them people, then you should not demand this from the teacher working for pennies, if you do not agree, go and work “as it is necessary "on their salary, let's see for a long time whether you have enough. The real teacher is a gift from God, this is a vocation, but people who do not respect the work of others and do not pay for work as it is necessary for those who form people, your people, and not a flock of sheep, got what they sowed ... A good teacher remains in memory forever ... and the feeling of gratitude to him for his work too. I was lucky with the teachers, there were wonderful teachers in my life, but more than my mother, a teacher of Russian language and literature,No one influenced me ...) And she is a teacher from God, and although she will soon be 88, and she hardly sees, she is outraged by the program that children are now taught in schools. But the programs come up and do not impose teachers ... New cynical "power" does not need literate, educated intellectuals, it needs physically strong and enduring slaves.

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