30 excellent examples of the placement of flowers for home and garden

Is it possible to imagine an apartment, house or cottage without flowers? Riot of colors and splendor of various plants pleases the eye. But choosing and planting a flower is only half the trouble. It is also necessary to choose for him a cozy and suitable "house" - a stand (under the pot, flowerpots).

The most popular options today are suspended, desktop and floor models. They are practical and beautiful at the same time.

Undoubtedly, wall and hanging models are good because they additionally save space. In addition, choosing wall pots, you additionally solve the problem of wall decor - now they don’t look so “bare”.

Desktop models, as it is easy to guess, assume the presence of a certain surface on which the flowers will be installed. To do this, highlight the area of ​​the room where, in your opinion, a riot of colors will look harmonious. Of course, the best desktop flowers look in spacious rooms.

With the help of floor models, you can create a non-trivial interior decor. Usually they are massive and take up a lot of space, however, and they look really chic.

The most popular stands for flowers are forged models. With their help, it's easy to transform the interior beyond recognition. They look elegant and at the same time not pretentious.

The next most popular stand material is wood. These coasters are perfect for placement in country houses. What kind of models today have not come up with designers!

A multi-story model is another good example of placing flowers in a house. Look how original flowers look, standing on one stand, but different levels!

Suspended structures will suit all owners who wish to correctly distribute the available space and use it as efficiently as possible. Especially convenient to grow on such stands grass!

If you want to find a creative solution for the interior, pay attention, for example, to these unusual models of light bulbs.

Be sure to check the stand for chips and damage.Otherwise, the design can “not stand” when you place on it numerous bright flowers.

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