5 styles in home textiles

When creating a design, the main task is to choose a style; this fully applies to curtains. There are various styles for curtain design: high-tech, country, classic, most importantly, choose textiles to your own taste. Choose the fabric and colors should be in such a way that the room corresponds to the chosen style, and left an impression of completeness, integrity and harmony.

Forclassical stylecurtains in the spirit of elegant and majestic classics, creating the impression of festivity and solemnity, will suit. You can choose French classic curtains, and many other options, the classic style is quite popular. The exotic style of the Eastis characterized by pillows, draperies and love for various elements of textiles. The basis of this style is fabric, in such an interior, walls and ceiling are often draped with fabric. At the same time, the color range is the most varied - from rich red hues to pastel moderate tones. A style that suits almost any home can be calledcountry style, home and cozy.Curtains for this style fit natural, simple and no-nonsense, but these textile elements will create a comfortable, homely atmosphere. Inhi-tech style, simple and minimalistic to the limit, there is no excess, only a simple fabric, with a metallic sheen, clear shape and straight lines. This textiles complete with high-tech style furniture looks modern and very stylish. But eventraditional, simple curtains, with the right choice of color and texture of the fabric, will look pretty elegant. For example, a combination of gold and blue colors is suitable for the cabinet, it helps to focus. Create an atmosphere of lightness and airiness in the living room can be a combination of white with cream and beige color, and also with the help of light, flowing fabrics such as organza , chiffon, nylon. Making out the windows and the room as a whole, you should pay attention to the texture, color and style of the textile, because after choosing the right fabric, you can correct the room visually and make it either spacious or cozy and protected. The design of textiles in any case matters, it is he who will give comfort and completeness in the decor of the room. Today there is no definite fashion for curtains, this is explained by an individual design approach to each client.It should be noted an increase in the trend for individual tailoring of curtains, it is based on the desire to give this element of the interior originality, preserve comfort and family values ​​and traditions. Manufacturers use substitutes for natural materials, due to the fact that they save on consumer goods. This will not happen in the case of curtains tailored to order. Today it is not fashionable to save on health. It is just a statement that it is not always possible to impart necessary texture, shine, and tint to natural material. But when sewing curtains individually, you can choose high-quality fabric and reduce harmful substances to a minimum. Choosing textiles in the living room is a rather important task. After all, the whole family and friends gather in the living room, and no matter what style is chosen, the overall mood of the room is set by the window decor. and headrests of the same textiles as the curtains, you can create a harmonious ensemble of the living room.It is difficult to obtain a similar effect using factory models. A certain image can be achieved only with the help of individual tailoring. Indeed, then unique decorative ornaments will be used, emphasizing the refinement of the style. These include gold-plated locking clips, breathtaking brushes, as well as small accessories - braid and beads, cords and buttons. in any room.

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