7 myths about ambitious women in which it is time to stop believing

Make diagnosesfavorite fun of our society, so that each granny on the bench can determine someone's lifestyle by the length of the skirt, and by the brand of carPerspectivity in matters of marriage. Here and ambitious women secretly acquired a clear descriptionthey are cold-blooded to frigidity, busy at work until bruised under the eyes and generally hit incareersolely because of systematic failures in personal life.

It turns out a kind of demonic image, which was previously actively exploited in the cinemaforever tired, wealthy, but infinitely unhappy Lyudmila Prokofievnafrom "Office Romance"or Katerina Tikhomirovafrom the drama "Moscow does not believe in tears"which, before the advent of the “dream man,” sadly exists between his office and everyday troubles. Hmm, is it really that bad for ambitious careerists or just everyone wants to see themsuch ... out of envy?

Ambitious women are cold and impregnable

This is probably the most common stereotype.goal-orientedof womeninexorably love to back up with the appropriate style: allegedly female women do not get out of men's suitslike Clinton and Merkel, and their oppositeromantic slackersflit around the city in dresses in a flower and smiling passersby. Ambitious women are impregnable just as much as any man can be impregnable.because it feels uncomfortable, is not determined to relax right now, or just unhappy withMania.

7 myths about ambitious women in which it is time to stop believing

Ambitious women are always alone

Such ambitious careerists depict us TV shows, films, advertising campaigns and glossy magazines.Poor thingsevery evening they come to their luxury apartments in Manhattan, open a bottle of expensive wine and sit back and look at the lights of New York at night. Similar lyricallyepisodes of course take placeand it would be foolish to condemn a person for the fact that sometimes he just wants to be alone with himself and enjoy peace and tranquility (well, wine), but even if it is called loneliness, the definition of “quality” or even “hedonistic ".For example, to lie down all evening at the spa without having to cook dinner for someone ...

Ambitious women retire due to problems in their personal lives

If in fact it was so, then nine out of ten men should also diagnose problems in their personal lives. Of course, parting with a partner can theoretically serve as an impetus todippingin the work (in fact now you have more time for yourself, more than ever beforeak for woman and manbut still the majority rely on a career as a result of successful studies and long-term work experienceprofessions. After all, if everything is in this area, then why not continue?

7 myths about ambitious women in which it is time to stop believing

Ambitious women "beat" on family and relationships

"Did they score" or did they set priorities differently? Ok, ambitious women, most likely, will not want to marry at the age of 20, and by the age of 25 to start a triplet, because it will not allow them to concentrate on their career successes and ensure their notoriousinsanian pillow, but this does not mean that they do not dream of one day to meet a soul mate and start a family.Oh yeah, and not at 25, but much later and not with that man who is sure that a good wifeThis is the one that sits for days with the children at home.

Ambitious women are future "old maidens"

In factthe future of the "old maid" can wait for anyoneboth woman and manand you can hardly be insured against this because instead of working, you will spend days on the list of dating sites and go on dates. Yes, ambitious and busy with their career growth women really have less time to communicate with the opposite sex, but the rare moments that they devote to this, they try not tois emptyand not with anyone. After all, when the timeit is money, you will not begin to spend it without sense.

7 myths about ambitious women in which it is time to stop believing

Ambitious women are bitchy and squabbling

Some kind of demonic flair is attributed to female competition all the time: they say women are cunning, hysterical, gossiping and in general do not know how to work in a balanced team, especially if there are other women in this team. The myth of female rivalry is extremely beneficial in the first place to men, while self-sufficient and purposeful women certainly will notclinghair of your competitor or make your own problems in the form of hysteria for all to see.

Ambitious women have high demands on men.

It would be strange if a woman who has an education, a career and financial wealth, would have underestimated requirements in the spirit of “I will go for the first comer.” Not only ambitious, but in principle, all smart women today do not choose their partner with their eyes closed, but quite clearly analyzewhat this husband / boyfriend had to do with his life at the time of his acquaintance. And how would men beI wanted the opposite, the missing losers, even with a good sense of humor, are of little interest to anyone.

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