7 pairs of crazy shoes for spring

The warm season is the best time for unusual shoes, because the weather allows, and the variety of activities in the city inspires to expand the scope of the “comfort zone” of a shoe cabinet. In this material, we have collected a few pairs not about the fashion trends of the season, but about an indelible first impression: whether they are designer slippers with giant bows, sandals with clown pom-poms or ankle boots in the style of David Bowie - this shoe will not stay on you for sure.

Sandals in the form of a trailer with ice cream

These sandals have the same color as mint ice cream, and the platform imitates a mobile trailer, and in the original in the USA these very trailers are painted in such a pleasant greenish-blue pastel shade, like ice cream with mint liqueur flavor.

Sandals Kate Spade New York in the form of a trailer with ice cream

Sandals Kate Spade New York in the form of a trailer with ice cream (18 000 rubles)

"Tractors" slippers with bows

The brand Alessandro del Aqua Nº21 to shoes well, a very unusual approach. In the latest collections, all pairs are united by the presence of the same design element - a huge bow,made from a variety of materials from satin to shiny rubber. This pair is exactly for the brave.

Slippers- "tractors" Nº21 with bows

Sneakers with fur

The Here / Now brand produces nothing but a few models of shoes with multicolored pom-poms of natural fur, which, according to the idea of ​​the brand's creators, can be changed in mood, and also used as brooches and charms on bags or on clothes. Given the cost of shoes, we assume that Here / Now threw us the idea of ​​a note - decorate with the same accessories and sneakers, and a bag, and a jacket, and even a haircut.

Here / Now sneakers with fur

Here / Now sneakers with fur (15 600 rub.)

Multicolored Pompom Sandals

Perhaps we found a pair of shoes, which in the summer can be worn decisively with clothes of any color, but it is better in the appropriate frivolous stylistics - with things with fringes, lacing and bright ethnic prints.

Glamorous sandals with colorful pom-poms

Espadrilles with cats

Do you love your cat the way Karl Lagerfeld loves her? The last collection of cats devoted to the whole collection regardless of the season - hats with ears, bags with locks in the form of cat heads, gloves with antennae, sunglasses, cats and even such funny espadrilles (by the way, one of the most democratic things in the collection of Karl).

 Karl Lagerfeld Espadrilles with cats

Karl Lagerfeld espadrilles with cats (6 500 rub.)

Sandals boots

It is logical to buy this pair of shoes under the slogan “We live once!” Or with an invitation to some Paris or Milan fashion week. The wow-effect produced does not cause any questions, but heel skills will be required at the expert level, because the studs reach almost 13 centimeters!

 Sandals boots Privileged

Sandals boots Privileged (15 100 rub.)

Botillons in space style

Such a kitsch can be allowed only in summer: whimsical snow-white color requires dry weather and a careful attitude. If the plans for the summer trips to music festivals, then this non-trivial couple will be happy to keep you company in crazy dances.

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