8 of the hottest compliments in bed

According to a recent study by Cleveland State University, couples who do not hesitate to talk in bed with each other feel more satisfied with their own sex lives. Okay, maybe this is the same life hacking that is worth trying to make sex even more passionate? But it’s not about politics or economics to talk in bed ... We decided to start with short and concise compliment phrases addressed to a partner as a simple start for those who are usually used to keep proud and unbreakable verbal silence in bed.

"I like your smell"

This compliment affects men just magically. Note: do not specify exactly what kind of smell (deodorant, his clothes, shampoo or just clean skin), which will make him feel sexual literally from nature. And besides, a positive reaction to the smell is one of the signs of sexual compatibility, and your chosen one may be aware.

8 of the hottest compliments in bed

"It is noticeable that you play sports"

Guys who are addicted to sports at the level somewhere between a novice and a follower are usually deprived of compliments on their physical fitness - the latter, as a rule, go to the jocks, in whom their biceps can be seen even through a hoodie. Restore the balance, and he is exactly flushed with emotion or even under the impression of a compliment, he will overfulfill the program in caresses.

"You are so great at it ..."

Before sex, compliments in his direction actually work for you and only for you - for example, those that praise your favorite sexual techniques. Even if he performed everything on “good” and not “excellent”, but you liked the process itself, then the next time before sex, select it in the compliment and see for yourself how the man will try to show you even more of his skills in this “area ". Only immediately choose to avoid comparisons in the spirit of "Nobody does it like you", but otherwise it will turn out, as if you are not making a compliment, and you are playing a tender among competitors.

"I had an incredible orgasm"

But this compliment, which does not even sound like a compliment, but as a statement of perhaps the most pleasant thing in the world, should have been the number one.By the way, the Guinness Book of Records was invented by a man who realized that achieving records sets positive emotions in our brain and decided to put it on stream. So if your partner, in your opinion, set a record for the pleasure delivered to you, then why not please him with this news?

8 of the hottest compliments in bed

"You are so strong"

Classics of the genre for those moments when you want to praise the guy, as in figure skating, at the same time for the technique, and for artistry. By itself, this epithet he can take at the expense of his physical form, and at the expense of his skills in bed, and at the expense of his temperament, and you can use this compliment decisively at any time - before, after and during sex.

“I have goose bumps all over my body / my head is spinning / butterflies fluttered in my stomach”

Any physical evidence that you were well, very well, is perfect for compliments. Believe me, all men want to know that you have an orgasm after all, so feel free to demonstrate it not only with sighs / shouts / groans, but also your documented sensations up to the most unexpected comparisons.

"It was the best sex of my life."

To be honest, this compliment is not quite true, because this sex in your life is probably not the last (or maybe the best in a year, but not the best in all time), but this is almost the most pleasant a lie that your partner will hear in life. So why not use similar praise, if you really enjoyed it so much?

8 of the hottest compliments in bed

“You're so hot / sexy / beautiful!”

He was probably not included in the list of the sexiest men of the year, but it is in your power to fill this gap and raise his self-esteem a little. Of all the listed options, “sexy” is perhaps the most cosmopolitan, because it includes both the desired visual appeal and sensual attraction, and for the guys, in fact, is a brief transcript of the phrase “You're just made for sex.”

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