A young mother shot a timelapse video for her husband so that he would stop blaming her for idleness

On the Internet, honest confessions of the fathers of families have already appeared: if they had to hire helpers and nannies, they could not afford it!

And yet some men, like Gemma Chalmers' husband, leaving for work, with a slight mock remark: "Have a nice rest!"

Mum hits back at partner

Finally, Gemme was bored with endless reproaches for idleness and she filmed her day with a camera using a time-lapse - her entire 12 hour day fit in 8 minutes. 35-year-old mother, who works part time as a master of nail extension, placed in social. Facebook video with appeals to couples who are in a similar situation.


I thought I’d show him a full day.

I’ve got to know how to make it. I emptied the dishwasher, gave the little man breakfast, managed to get a quick shower (with the little man coming and checking on me throughout).

I really find it.

It’s because you’re not happy, because the answer is ...

Iv was a mummy all day ...
Also a cleaner, a driver, a cook, a storyteller, a nurse, a playmate, a toddler wrestling coach, a teacher, an art director, a potty trainer, a champion tickler, a wardrobe stylist , a personal shopper, and many more.

My 12 hour day in 8 minutes 😳

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Posted by Gemma Chalmers on December 13, 2017

"My dear husband spent all weekend blaming me for idleness. So I decided to show him how day by day I "do nothing. In truth, when I go to work, I rest. "

“So, dear Mr. Jones, it's time to stop the accusations and ridicule, wanting me to have a good rest when I stay at home and ask in the evening with surprise what did I do all day? The answer is simple and obvious: I am a mother who takes care of a little son! In addition, I am also a cleaner, a washing machine operator ... "

“... driver, cook, storyteller, nurse, game organizer, gymnastics instructor, teacher, art director, stylist, personal dressing assistant ...”

personal purchaser, dishwasher, etc. ”

As you would expect, the video caused a hot response from thousands of parents. Some of them took the time to write words of support.

“This is all absolute truth! After a day of homework, I get tired much more than after a day at the office! ”One of the moms wrote.

“Ungrateful men!” - indignant another. “They are all the same. Well done, you shot this video! I hope he will finally begin to understand how much it is to be a mother and mistress! "

Facebook mum films time lapse

“My husband started his own business.He works a lot, and it seems to him that I just relax at home, not doing anything at all, ”Chalmers said.

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