Abstract Christmas ball

Abstract Christmas ball- a master class on how to decorate a Christmas ball with colored wax crayons. Each ball is obtained with its unique abstract pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. transparent Christmas balls;
  2. wax crayons;
  3. office knife;
  4. hair dryer;
  5. decorations.

Step 1

Take the wax crayons and remove the labels from them using a clerical knife. Cut off small pieces of wax crayon with a knife.

Step 2

Now take the Christmas ball, remove the lid from it (with which it hangs on the Christmas tree). Put pieces of wax crayons, about 3-4 colors (you can choose yourself) in a ball.

Step 3

Take a hair dryer and a ball, we begin to heat the ball. The wax melts and paints the ball from the inside. Turn and tilt the ball until the desired result (figure) is obtained. Sometimes crayons behave uncontrollably, which is why the pattern is more interesting and abstract.

When everything is finished, remove the crayons from the ball.

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