Adeniums: home care

Different varieties of adenium called Desert Rose, Impala Lily are distinguished by colors and types of leaves. So, you can find adeniums that have a purple trunk and, for example, red and yellow leaves.

Planting adenium

The optimal time for planting adeniums is in early spring or summer, as the plant, accustomed to the southern climate, needs sun and heat most of all.

Initially, soak the seeds of adenium for 4-5 hours in water, then treat with a fungicide so that your plant does not rot in the future. Prepare a special soil in which to add sand or coconut chips, which will be designed to absorb excess moisture.

Moisten the soil, and then spread out the seeds of adeniums, which need to cover the film. At this point, the sowing process is complete Ground seeds should not be sprinkled.

Care for adenium at home

This exotic plant is quite unpretentious at home. First of all, this plant loves the light, so be careful when choosing a place where you put a pot with your tree.Place the pot on the south side and constantly turn the plant towards the light.

The best temperature for adenium content ranges from 25 to 30 degrees. Remember that this southern plant is accustomed to moisture deficiency, so you need to water carefully. In order to avoid an overabundance of water, from which the roots can start to rot, water once a week. In the summer you can water more often. Water used is separated and slightly acidified.

Large especially adeniums bloom about 7 days, flowers of smaller sizes - fewer days. Do not forget to prune your plant so that it branches. This is best done in the spring.

Adenium Transplantation

Planting is necessary depending on its size and growth rate. Since home-grown varieties grow fairly quickly, adenium is transplanted once a year. Plants grown from seed, need to replant about 1 time in 3 years.

If you want your plant to become large, plant it in a larger pot.

Adenium Pests

Spider mite and fungus are those pests from which this plant can suffer. For the prevention of fungal diseases should be mixed into the soil in which you are going to plant adenium, charcoal.Insecticides will help in the fight against drivers such as spider mites, which are the most dangerous for this flower.

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