Gardening is a time consuming task. In summer, mowed grass remains on the lawn, and in the fall it is necessary to remove falling leaves. Traditionally, dry grass, leaves, fallen branches and other garbage are collected with the help of a rake, but today they are increasingly usinggarden electric vacuum cleaner.This unit easily copes with garden garbage, making hard routine work easy and pleasant work.

The Benefits of an Electric Garden Vacuum

With this unit you can easily and quickly clean up the garden, on the lawn and flower beds. They do not disrupt the structure of the soil and significantly speed up and facilitate the process of cleaning the backyard plot, saving time and effort.

The electric garden vacuum cleaner is easy to operate and safe to use, and due to its low weight it is convenient to travel around the backyard area. This unit works quite quietly and allows you to quickly get rid of mowed grass, fallen leaves and other debris.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of garden vacuum cleaners of various capacities and functionality.However, they all have the same structural elements - electric motor, impeller, pipe for suction of garbage, bag for collecting waste. Lighter models have a belt for carrying the device, and powerful heavy units are additionally equipped with wheels and an ergonomic handle.

Garden Electric Vacuum Capability

Electric garden vacuum cleaner can operate in two modes:

  • on blowing - like a blower;
  • garbage collection - like a standard vacuum cleaner.

In the blower mode, a vacuum cleaner creates a powerful stream of air through which mowed lawn grass, leaves, and light garbage are collected in a pile. After that, all collected waste is dragged into a special bag, from where it can be shaken out into a tank or onto a compost pile.

Some models, for example, a network vacuum cleaner for Elitek garden leaves, have a garden waste chopper. It allows not only to collect garden waste, but also to turn waste into mulch, which can cover plant roots for the winter. In addition, the mulch is from excellent organic fertilizer.

The knives of the chopper grind leaves, grass and twigs into a homogeneous mass.Having bought such a garden unit, the owner of a country house or cottage will be able to perform a full range of cleaning work: sweeping, collection and shredding of waste.

The electric garden vacuum cleaner can be used not only to clean the garden plot. With its help, and perform some construction tasks, for example, blowing lightweight insulation material - ecowool.

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