Amazing wood and epoxy ring

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Not so long ago we told how to make furniture made of wood and epoxy resin. This publication caused a lot of hype. And today we will show you a master class from a man with golden hands, who makes amazing rings of wood and epoxy. Enjoy ...

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How to make a ring of wood and epoxy:

  • We will need a piece of wood from a block filled with epoxy resin with the addition of a dye. The color can be any, the epoxicon dye was used;
  • Using a crown drill, drill the middle part of the workpiece;
  • The remaining drill part can also be used to make a ring;
  • Next, ream the workpiece with a drill of the required diameter in advance;
  • With the help of a file, we give the ring a shape at the ends;
  • The next step: using a cutter, ream the diameter finally;
  • We begin to grind the ring with sandpaper from coarse to final in inner diameter;
  • Grind the ends and outer diameter;
  • As a result, we begin to polish the finally polished ring on the polishing wheel with wood polishing;
  • The final stage: soak the ring with linseed oil and rub it with beeswax when heated with a building dryer;
  • So, in 3-4 hours after the beginning of manufacture, you get a finished ring.

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