Inexpensive and convenient way to fill a cat's toilet

Bringing the kitten home, immediately raises the question of the toilet. For all cats living in apartments - this is a tray. But in the tray requires a filler. And then the question arises about the choice of filler. The choice of fillers is so huge that it is difficult to navigate in it. There are also expensive clumping, simple mineral and cheap fillers from extruded sawdust. Which one to choose is the business of the owner of the animal. But from all the fillers are expected that they will absorb the moisture well, completely absorb the smell and, most importantly - like the animal. Dear filler for the cat's toilet not everyone can afford. Clogged, expensive tools do not always like animals, and sometimes even dangerous for them. In veterinary medicine there are many cases when small kittens ate some of this filler, which led to serious complications and diseases.digestive system.
 Inexpensive and convenient way to fill the cat litter
Mineral fillers are cheap, but they do not cope with the smell. What makes them less in demand. Fillers from pressed sawdust remarkably cope with the smell and moisture, but cats when raking easily pour them out of the tray. In addition, sawdust stick to the legs, and it spreads throughout the apartment. We offer a solution to this problem, which will allow you to save considerably on fillers, completely isolates the smell, and the tray can be changed no more than once a week. It is enough just to remove hard fragments every day and that's it! Let's take pressed sawdust, which cope with smell and moisture so well and put them on the bottom of the tray. Sawdust need very little, because when absorbed, they will increase significantly in size.
Inexpensive and convenient method of filling the cat's toilet
We put a grate with mineral filler on top.It passes moisture through itself, and sawdust will absorb it and neutralize it. In addition, the mineral content is to the liking of all cats, it does not spread on its paws throughout the apartment, it does not stick to the animal's fur, and it seems to be very pleasant to rake in. The proposed method will save a lot of money. The hostesses will not be horrified by the opened contents of the cat's toilet, and guests will never smell an unpleasant smell.
 Inexpensive and convenient way to fill the cat litter
So, what Your cat can not get used to the toilet, it may just not like its contents.

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