An isolated island with incredible flora - the most alien place on Earth

  • How long have lizards become flora? Another victim of the Unified State Exam ...

    • Anonymous

      Withdrew from the language, smiled)))

    • Anonymous

      apparently, the author was embarrassed that legless lizards

    • Anonymous

      Once green, it means .... flora

  • http: // MTgeorge

    Do these plants grow anywhere else?

  • http: // noNatalya Ukhtomova

    It is amazing that there are still such places on our Earth! We also have fantastic nature on South Sakhalin, this is just a must see! I would have found a photojournalist, filmed and showed the Russians! In the 70s in the journal Science and life told in detail! Continue this page!

  • Sergei

    Lyapota ……………………………… .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the flora of mice and cats is gorgeous

  • It seems to me alone that these trees (or are they bushes?) have a fungus gene?

  • Anonymous

    The dragon tree is not only there. But the article is interesting. Thank you.

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