Little Angel in a Ball of Threads

I like to work with threads most of all, they are the most malleable and versatile material for handicrafts. Once I tried to make a ball of thread and it turned out pretty good. Then there was the question of its content. You can make a spring composition, placing in the middle of the original flowers in the technique of quilling. Another option is to add a white angel of threads to the ball. I offer these beautiful decorative ornaments to your attention. For work you should prepare the following components: - medium size balloon; - tube of PVA glue; - flat plate for glue;- scissors; - threads for knitting bright colors.
 should be prepared
First I will tell you how to make a ball of threads. Take the ball and inflate it, do not forget to tightly tie it so that it does not suddenly deflate. Pour PVA glue into a flat plate, slightly dissolve it with water.
 inflate the ball
Choose the brightest and most beautiful thread (in the photo thisdark lilac), begin to gradually immerse it in glue and gently wind on the ball. Try to completely saturate the thread with glue. On the basis of the need to wind so many threads to the balloon peeking in some places. As soon as you finish winding the thread, cut off the end and fix it near the tail. Once again, coat the entire surface of the base with a generous layer of PVA glue.
 wind a thread on the ball
Place the prepared base on a plastic bag and place the ball near a warm battery for the whole night. When the threads are completely dry with glue, remove the rubber ball. To do this, simply cut off the tail.
 leave to dry
 remove the ball
Now you need to cut a hole in the foreground. This may be 1/4 of the total volume of the product.
 cut a hole
If you decide to place a spring composition in a ball, then take bright flowers made in the technique of quilling. And attach them as shown in the photo.Do not forget to stick a beautiful band in the form of delicate flowers along the perimeter of the cut edge.
 decorate the ball
 decorate the ball
If you want to decorate the ball figurine angel, then at this stage I will tell you the process of its making. So, take a white thread for knitting and wrap it around in a circle on any solid foundation. It will be enough 40-45 turns of the thread. It turns out the workpiece is 18 cm long.
 thread white
Cut the threads from one edge using a clerical knife. Tie segments in the middle with a thread.
 cut the thread
Separate the head of the pupa and tie it up.
Separate the pupa head

Make a second skein of thread. To do this, take the base width of 10 cm and wind the thread about 20 times. This time it is not necessary to cut, it is just important to carefully remove the threads from the warp. Angel wings are obtained.
Weave the pigtail
Weave the pigtail of their six threads - these will be the hands of the pupa. Place this blank near the wings.Even at this stage it is necessary to tie the waist in the middle of the product.
to bind waist
It remains only to decorate the craft. Take a golden thread, form a belt from it, bracelets on handles and angel hair.
 pens and angel hair
Now fix the craft in the center of the ball threads. You can just hang an angel for a belt. This beautiful decorative composition is made from ordinary knitting threads.

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