Arcade in a modern Japanese house

Architecture, Decor, Workshop

Corporate identity, based on the same repeating element, is not only about booklets and business cards. Designers fromAlts Design Office, for example, use this technique in the interior - in this case, in a modern Japanese home. In the role of an element is an arch in the form of a house that most of the population of the planet draws when they are asked to draw a house: a cube and a triangle above it. The arch form of the Japanese family is everywhere: instead of doors, niches and windows.

Yes, and the actual facade of the house, which prompted designers to a similar project - has exactly the same shape. And it seems, if neither minimalism and the absolutely neutral color of the room, the residents of the house would really feel themselves like characters of a computer arcade, which, in order to win, have to go through an endless arcade game. >

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