What is the boss called for the eyes?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
March 25, 2015
What is the boss called for the eyes?

Virtually any ordinary employee at least once imagined himself in the place of the chief. Responsibility, high salary, authority - that's what surrounds the directors. However, besides these benefits, they are also pursued by nicknames. In the game "100 to 1" a list of the most popular answers to the question was made - what is the boss called for their eyes?

  1. Chef - the most popular answer.
  2. The boss is also a popular answer and is quite respectful.
  3. Goat - respectful nicknames has come to an end. Next come unpleasant and harsh words.
  4. A freak - there are hardly external faults in view, rather, his attitude to the staff.
  5. A fool - maybe a true fool, but still the boss.
  6. Miserly - perhaps the easiest version of the unpleasant name. No matter how much he pays, he always wants more.

Answers to other interesting and vital questions in this game can be viewed in the 100 to 1 Game section. Recall that its essence is that ordinary passers-by on the streets answer questions, and the final list of answers is made up depending on the majority opinion, which makes this the game is extraordinarily interesting and inimitable.

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