Autumn Leaves Coloring

can be an excellent didactic material for improvised classes with kids, you just have to make a little imagination and non-standard approach to the coloring process.

We use coloring in order to present autumn to children in all its beauty and splendor. We show samples of dried leaves or their images, find out what colors can be found on their surface.

 Coloring Autumn Leaves

Coloring Autumn Leaves

A lesson in natural history

Finding out why the trees before the winter leaves throw away:

  • They are not necessary, as sunlight is not enough.
  • The tree thus saves moisture reserves without consuming it on the crown.
  • It is removed along with the leaves. I do not need any substances that have accumulated in them.
  • Without leaves, the trees are much easier to carry snowfalls and strong winds - the branches do not break.

We study the shape of the leaves and learn to determine, which tree they belong to. Well, if you can compare the images of leaflets with the real herbarium and determine their appearance.Then, according to the color of natural leaves, we give color to the painted one.

We immerse ourselves in natural history: we tell about what substances give color to foliage and what they matter. Green - chlorophyll, it allows you to get nutrients from the water and sunny color. Red and yellow are special pigments that are contained in leaflets in summer, but in the fall, when the amount of sunshine decreases, they displace chlorophyll, as it does not form new molecules.

Autumn Castings - nature itself inspires

How to get the desired shade of color

We also analyze blending methods colors:

  • Red and yellow - give orange;
  • Red and green - brown;
  • Blue and yellow - green.

Find out which shades are basic (blue, yellow and red). We exclude a shade, not characteristic for foliage (blue). We experiment with the remaining colors, coloring the leaves on the coloring, mixing in different proportions (we use paint for work).

Paint the leaves

Coloring "sheetoak tree
 Coloring oak sheet 1

Coloring oak sheet 1

Coloring sheet of oak 2

Coloring sheet oak 2

 Coloring sheet of oak 3

Coloring sheet of oak 3

 Autumn leaves picture

Autumn leaves picture

coloring sheet

coloring sheet

 coloring autumn leaves 3 coloring autumn leaves 3
coloring sheet 4

coloring sheet 4

 coloring maple leaf 1

maple leaf coloring 1

 Coloring oak leaf and maple leaf

Coloring oak leaf and maple leaf

 coloring birch leaf

coloring birch leaf

Coloring branch

Coloring page branch

Coloring with several leaves








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