Bailiffs in 2010 collected debts of 1.4 billion rubles

Such an amount in 2010, the Perm bailiffs returned to credit institutions, who turned to them with complaints of unscrupulous debtors. Executive officials have intensified in other cities of Russia.
Debtors return money after arrest of property
Bailiffs invent new ways to collect money from debtors.
Photo: RussianLook

The bailiffs said that the most effective prohibition remains limiting the right to leave the country. People immediately give money, if you cancel their planned travel.

The most unusual property that was arrested by employees of the Krasnoyarsk service was the highway. The local entrepreneur did not pay the six millionth debt. The bailiff found out that the man had acquired and registered the ownership of 700 running meters of the road from the trade and office center, and seized it.

In Stavropol, the bailiffs staged a whole rally. From LED screens, billboards and banners all over the city, they cry out: “Pay taxes!”, “Pay to the Pension Fund!”, “Pay fines on time”, “Do not pay child support? Get ready for a lonely old age! ”

And the management of the Federal Bailiff Service in Tomsk Region even made a rating of the most ridiculous and ridiculous cases from its practice in 2010. The list consists of different nominations: “Mystic”, “Divorce in Italian”, “Good neighbors”, “Playing in hide-and-seek”.

Her husband Jennifer Lopez might also have to meet with bailiffs. Actor Marc Anthony (Marc Anthony) is obliged to return $ 3.4 million to the tax authority.

A hollywoodactor Mel Gibson (Mel Gibson) ordered to pay alimony $ 60 thousand. About this in a frank conversation with Larry King (Larry King) told his former lover Oksana Grigorieva.

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