Beautiful cottage: 40 photos of the house and garden

We are invited to visit a beautiful dacha, a photo of which will tell the story of the old house that the owners inherited from their grandfather. In this house with the scrubbed floorboards, every thing has its own special history. The hosts tried to carefully update the house, preserving its special atmosphere. But at the same time, the house should be in a residential condition, since the family lives here all summer and comes on weekends throughout the year.

The doorways in the house were so low that everyone who was taller than 177 cm, always knocked the back of his head.

The veranda is used from early spring to late autumn.

Everyone loves to gather at a large dining table on the veranda, because in the summer you can open a wide double door and feel like in the garden. Since grandchildren often come to the dacha, then on this big veranda there is a place for everyone.

Updated bathroom.

A small garden pond with frogs.

Lupins liked the sandy soil in the garden and they are actively spread throughout the garden.

Kitchen corner - a favorite place of all household.

Delphinium broke its previous record of 480 cm.

Climbing rose Flammentanz grows under the windows of the veranda - it is much better than just planting it near the wall of the house - so you can admire it from all sides.

Beautiful country house photo: rose and astratsiya near the house.

Gladioli are very easy to grow. Dig in the fall, wrap the bulbs in a newspaper and put in a cool place, plant in May, and you have a whole sea of ​​flowers. From one bulb can be 20-30 kids. These are excellent cut flowers.

Cynicism pleases a colorful rainbow of colors all summer.

Flowers, mostly inherited.

And the main legacy at this cottage is a stove, which is more than 100 years old.

Beautiful cottage photo lounge.

Every spring on the veranda potion is put in a pot - and every year it is more and more.

View from the veranda.

The terrace next to the house is actively used in the summer.

From the side of the border the terrace is fenced with a decorative fence.

Waiting for the harvest in high beds.

Evening time - the most beloved in the country.

Millions of gay phonophiles melancholy petunias blossomed in boxes under the windows.

Construction of a new porch, t. the old winter froze over the floor.

This looks like a finished porch.

The next project is the replacement of the old floor throughout the house and its OSB insulation.

The floor was warmed, the floorboards were changed, and now the house is much warmer.

At the big dinner table on holidays the whole big family can fit.

A rug from old t-shirts, according to grandma's way.

Everyone in the family loves this old house.

Since the family spends more and more time in the country, it was decided to expand the house by adding a new bedroom to it.

The bedroom is on a concrete foundation, the base is a wooden frame, OSB-plates plus insulation.

The final result.

Since there were no paved paths in the garden and during bad weather it created problems, in the summer they started laying paths in the garden.

To the paths added a small paved area for gazebos.

Anti-mosquito means, light curtains - and you can sit in it all day.

While the construction was going on, the flowers did not let down, and everything was also wildly blooming without much care. They also waited for the harvest from high beds.

Beautiful cottage kitchen photo.

The kitchen also needed updating.

New kitchen turned out beautiful and functional.

And the garden pleases with its views and scents.

Most flowers are unpretentious and grow without much hassle.

A beautiful country house with its own hands is the result of more than one year of work, we hope these photos will inspire you to arrange your own beautiful country house.

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