Beekeeper Hat

My beloved husband from early childhood experienced positive emotions towards insects. A special delight and admiration for the little boy was caused by bees and bumblebees. The boy grew up. And the love for the "striped fly" remained. We got our first hive as soon as we bought a cottage in one of the most picturesque and wonderful places in Belarus. To care for the bees took a lot of special tools. To purchase all the devices in our family budget was not just money. For many years I was fond of cutting and sewing, I watched fashion shows and read glossy magazines from leading fashion houses. I made the decision to sew a beekeeper's hat and thereby save decent money. You will need:
  • fabric from natural fibers (ideal option is dense linen cloth)
  • color yellow and black (add creative and positive to your life)
  • two metal hoops of the required diameter
  • a piece of mesh ( the structure is dense and transparent)
  • lace
  • lace clips
  • elastic or velcro small piece
  • free time
  • your desire and desire to make an individual beautifulthing
See the visual sketch on the photo.
 Beekeeper's hat
Allowances: For seams and cuts -1.5 cm. For hemming of the bottom of the cap-4 cm. Cutting out: part No. 1-1pcs detail No. 2-1pcs detail No. 3-1pcs detail №4-1pcs detail №5-1pcs detail №6-1pcs detail №9-1pcs After cutting all the parts iron and steam. You can starch. Tailoring: Part 1: Stitch together the short sections of part No. 3. Edge process. Detail No. 3 is to be connected with detail No. 2 and sewed on the small diameter of part No. 1. Edge process. Connect the metal bezel to the edge of the part No. 1, lay it and stitch it to the edge. Hat ironed, steam. For shaping, put on a can of 3 liters or a blank and leave for a couple of hours, or better a day. Part No.2: Connect the short ends of Part No. 5 and Part No. 6 and detach. Edges to process. Details No. 4 and detail No. 9 to be interconnected and otstrochit. Edge process. The resulting structure in a circle to connect and otstrochit part number 5. The resulting structure in a circle to connect and otstrochit with item number 6. Put the edge of the construction on 4 cm and detach it. Between the details of the number 5 and number 6 sew a drawstring and tighten the lace. At the ends of the lace to put clamps.Between the top detail №4 / №9 and the detail №5 put the metal hoop and detach in a circle. Assembling the beekeeper's hood: At the top of part number 2, mount the elastic band or sticky tape. Part 1 and part number 2 connect in this way: leave the distance in front of the face. This is a beautiful beekeeper hat turned out for me. Beekeeper's Head
Pamper the first medcom I'm a husband for a hat. RS: On New Year's, I sewed my beloved son a wizard's cap, as in this article I wrote off in part 1. Decorated with colored rhinestones. Embroidered with beads. Everything turned out great.

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