Blessing (grateful) wedding

The 70th anniversary of the wedding - the Graceful (grateful) wedding is celebrated. Such an anniversary is the personification of the fact that the spouses have found the strength to love each other wholeheartedly all these years, remaining sincere, creating and strengthening the family, passing through the mass of life trials hand in hand. A gracious wedding is a real happiness for lovers who were given the opportunity to celebrate this anniversary together. This is an event when grandchildren, children and guests present jubilees with such presents, which they select themselves.

70 years of the wedding - Fertile (appreciative) wedding, a significant date. And it's no accident that the celebration is called this way. The true grace sent by the heavens is to live together for seventy years, to raise children and grandchildren on their feet, to rejoice in the fact that great-grandchildren are born. For such happiness it is necessary to thank the Almighty - after all, not every couple succeeds in living together for so many long and happy years.In honor of this anniversary, the hero of the occasion can receive as a gift literally anything they want. No cost and without fresh flowers - this gift is always pleasant.

If anniversaries can take part in trips, they need to organize a tour of the holy places for them - this will be a sign of gratitude to God for the happiness of being near seventy years! Of course, nothing can replace the warmth of meetings with family, communication with great-grandchildren and grandchildren. At such a respectable age, a colossal life experience has been accumulated, much has been experienced.

Let the heroes of the occasion share with the younger generation the secrets of their family well-being, tell stories from life, give some advice. Believe me, they will be very grateful for this recognition.

If the grandchildren and children of the anniversary celebrations decide to organize a celebration for them, they will have to try to calculate everything correctly in order not to tire the elderly too much. You can invite all the next of kin - let the spouses admire the fruits of their labors, because the jubilees are at the origin of the immediate foundation of a friendly and large family.

A good gift will be a self-made collage of a mass of family photos. With such a composition it will be possible to decorate almost any room, it will constantly remind the spouses of pleasant moments experienced by them. By the way, it would be nice to arrange a composition from the pictures of great-grandchildren, grandchildren and children-the greatest joy for the elderly is the opportunity to see those people for the sake of which they created their strong family union seventy years ago.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 70 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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