Bouquet of roses from paper with candies inside

Materials and tools:

  1. corrugated paper (pink and green);
  2. glue gun;
  3. chocolates;
  4. wire;
  5. scissors.

Step 1

For a single rose, cut out of pink paper 7 rectangles measuring 6x9 cm. Fold the rectangle in half and cut the corners with scissors (as shown in the figure). Let's make the center of the bud: put the candy in a rectangle and wrap it, wrap the bottom of the bud with wire and form a stem from the wire. Now we add a rectangle in three layers and cut them into three rectangles, give the rectangles a petal shape (as shown in the figure) and make the petals concave.

Step 2

Now take a petal, drop some glue in the base of the petal and glue it to the center of the bud, repeat this step until you get the desired result (rose bud). We make the outer petals larger.Cut out 2 green rectangles from green paper, give them the shape of the outer sheets of the bud, making them slightly torn, and glue them to the bud.

Cut a strip of green paper and wind it around the stem, you can also make rose petals.

Repeating these steps we make other roses, take different colors of paper (red, white, etc.) and make multicolored roses. We collect the roses in the bouquet and the Candy bouquet of roses is ready.

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