Brooch “Tricolor Spike” from St. George Ribbon

Before you begin, you need to prepare:
  • - a ribbon of satin blue, red and white shades, each with a width of at least 25 mm.
  • - scissors.
  • - heat gun.
  • - the basis for the brooch.
  • - tweezers.
  • - St. George ribbon 2.5 cm wide.
  • - a ruler.
  • - white half-beads, with a diameter of 5 mm.
  • - lighter.
Creating a brooch. The decoration consists of two separate blanks, a spikelet and a loop. First you need to make a three-color spikelet. This will require satin ribbons of three shades: blue, white and red. From these ribbons you should prepare segments, each length of 5.5 cm. As a result, you will get 7 parts: 2 blue, 2 red and 3 white.
Brooch Spike tricolor

Now from each segment you need to make blanks. To do this, the rectangular part should be placed in the wrong sideup and align exactly in the center at an angle of 45 degrees.  Spike tricolor brooch
You get a small fold line, which also needs to be bent in half. As a result, the cut-off line of this segment is connected at one point, and the detail will turn out to be double with the angle pointed at the top.

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