Candiotics: instructions for use, price, analogues

The drug contains in its basis a substance with antifungal action - clotrimazole, which is intended solely for local use. Clotrimazole knocks ergosterol synthesis in the cell membranes of the fungus by entering the affected area. In this connection, pathogenic microorganisms cease to develop normally and begin to die off gradually.

Cantibiotik: instructions for use

Candybiotic has only one form of release - it’s ear drops. The drug has long been credible, since it is considered an effective tool in the fight against various types of otitis media - diffuse, acute and chronic. It is also used for quick recovery after surgery. High reviews of experts Candiotics won in the fight against fungal diseases in the ears.

How to apply Candiotics

Ear drops are used for external use. Used for its intended purpose:

  1. Acute otitis.Treatment is 2 weeks. Every day you need to bury 3-4 drops three times in each ear.
  2. Fungal infection. Buried in the ear canal 3-5 drops per day.
  3. Surgical intervention. Being treated for about 2-3 months is quite a long time. Twice a day, they are buried daily in the operated ear.

The effect of the use of ear drops can be analyzed after five days.

Important! Before use, be sure to warm the drug in your hands.

Kandibiotik: contraindications

When choosing a drug kandibiotik necessarily take into account its contraindications. Failure to follow these rules can lead to serious complications. Do not use the ear drops if the integrity of the eardrum is damaged, as a candidiotic can cause inflammation. You should also not use the medication if there are wounds in the ear canal area, since this area is hypersensitive to the components of this remedy. Forbidden to children less than 6 years.

Candiotics: lactation and pregnancy

The use of drops during pregnancy is possible only after consulting a doctor.Such therapy is recommended only in the case when the benefits of treating the mother more than harm to the child. When breastfeeding therapy is also prescribed, expert reviews indicate the complete safety of the drug.

Side effects

Normally tolerated by patients. Rarely, after using it, burning and itching are noted in the treatment area. Allergic reactions are also possible with hypersensitivity to the drug.

It is noteworthy that the period of the drug after opening is 3 months. It is strictly forbidden to use the tool after his term has expired.


The drug has many analogues. Replace these ear drops with the following medicines:

  • Cetraxal Plus;
  • Levosin;
  • Colbiocin;
  • Biseptol.

Attention! Replacement of one drug to another is possible only after consultation with your doctor.

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