Cat Bob saved the life of his master and helped him buy a house

Once the life of Bob's cat was, as they say, dog. An unloved, unwelcome stray cat was sleeping at the doors of the porches, licking its injured foot.

But now Bob's life has changed drastically. He became a movie star and flies first class. He has a private security "Bobbegards" for appearing in public and in addition, an endless supply of his favorite cat food Dairyle Dankers.

Pictured: Bob let the royal pat him

On one of the dull days, Bob met a homeless street musician, James Bowen, and they started hanging around the streets together.

The time has passed, and now both companions are flying first class, and on November 4 last year, the film "Street Cat named Bob" was released. The film tells the story of how ginger cat Bob helped a homeless street musician, James, to cope with drug addiction and to find a home.

The film is based on books about Bob, co-authored by James.

At first, the Canadian filmmakers did not expect the inhabitant of London Bob to play in the film of himself. Moreover, 10 cats were specially trained to play the role of Bob and flew from Canada to England. But no one expected the nightlife of London to scare them so much! And then Bob was invited to the set, and she showed herself as a real movie star!

In this photo, Bob and James, along with Canadian director Roger Spottiswody

Bob on the billboard of the film about him with the actor Luke Tredeveyem

Scene from the movie

Bob is so accustomed to the role of a movie star that he even took part in a world tour to advertise the film. British actor Luke Treadevay previously starred in the film Angelina Jolie in the role of Alex Higgins "The Billiard Brotherhood" (The Rack Pack).

For his role in the movie 11 year old Bob received a very good fee. The actor's contract, in addition to the substantial cash consideration, provides good security and includes guaranteed payment for the flights for Bob and James in the first class. Bob does not have to fly in a locked cage in the luggage compartment, next to other animals. In addition, Bob received provisions for his favorite treats, Dailelea Dunkers, cat milk Uchis and Dreamis.

Private guards are always close to Bob during the premiere of the film in different countries, or at events where James signs his books. For example, in Berlin, 1,000 people lined up to sign books on Bob. Everyone wants to stroke him, but if you allow it to one stranger, all others will want to do the same. But then Bob is not a statue, but a living creature!

There was a time when James was trying to make a living by selling a newspaper in Covent Garden and playing the guitar hits of the Nirvana band. Very soon passersby noticed him and Bob the cat, giving each other “five”.

Since then, lovers of self visiting London, certainly wanted to take pictures with them. The literary agent signed a contract with James for a joint writing of the book, which the following year received a stunning popularity. Now James has his own social networking pages and an online store.

Today, sitting on a luxurious designer sofa in an expensive hotel room in London, Bob looks like a cat, whose life was successful and, after many years of testing, got a good portion of the most delicious cream.

For James, Bob is a favorite child.Bob saved him when life, like a train, went downhill.

James was born in England. When he was still a slider, his parents divorced. The kid traveled between parents and continents, England and Australia, without a permanent residence, without friends. Soon he was diagnosed: absent-mindedness and manic depression. And although the guy grew up in comfort, he began to smell glue, smoke marijuana and later sat down on heroin. According to James, if he had not met Bob, then most likely, he would no longer be in this world. He was lonely and did not find any sense to live.

The guy spent ten years on the streets of London, until he received an apartment from the administration in 2007. Then he met Bob, a red street cat. James has found a friend and found the strength to undergo a course of refusal from drugs. Bob became his friend and gave him emotional support.

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