Causes and symptoms of diabetes

What is the cause of the disease

The causes of diabetes, maybe a lot. The most common are:

- genetic predisposition;

- obesity;

- Nervous stress;

- viral infections;

- abuse of certain medications, such as antidepressants;

- excessive use of alcohol.

If one of your parents has diabetes, you need to donate blood once a year to find out if the sugar content is high. If both parents are sick with diabetes, control should be even more frequent. Overweight people often suffer from diabetes. But it also happens that those extra pounds are not the cause, but the consequence of the disease.


Diabetes mellitus is often disguised as other diseases, and it is not always possible to recognize it. If you find yourself in at least 2 symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

- unreasonable thirst;

- frequent urination, regardless of the amount of fluid intake;

- significant change in weight;

- increased fatigue;

- blurred vision;

- violation of potency in men, dry vaginal mucosa in women;

- cramps in the calves, tingling sensation in the legs;

- poor healing of wounds and scratches;

- low body temperature.

Eat or not eat

Eating with diabetes should be a little, but often. In general, each patient should discuss the diet with your doctor. But from candies, chocolate, jam, muffin, honey, ice cream should still be abandoned.

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