What is musk?

When purchasing cosmetics, especially perfumery, we often do not think about what difficult work preceded the appearance of the coveted bottle in the shop window. But to create an unsurpassed flavor, it is necessary to harmoniously combine a variety of components. If you delve into the study of your favorite flavor, you can find a list of used elements, among which is often listed musk.

What is this mysterious ingredient, and where it can be found, we describe below.

Love potion

Sometimes even the most modest man begins to behave as if he had read all the manuals on how to win the attention of all women overnight. This option is not excluded, but often the reason lies in the invisible, but effectively active substance - aphrodisiac, which is musk.

In nature, it can have both animal and vegetable origin. In the first case, it stands out from the special glands of animals, and is needed in order to mark its territory, as well as to lubricate the wool from getting wet.

Isolate it and from some plants. But in order to get 1 kg of treasured substance with a sharp odor, you need to kill up to 40 deer, musk deer, beavers and other animals. At one time, the extraction of such a component had a significant impact on the decline of populations of these species and was pursued by law.

That is why in perfumery began to use synthetic musk, which was first prepared on the basis of nitroglycerin. It was such a part of the first perfume Chanel No. 5. But eventually it became clear that nitroglycerin is toxic, and it was also banned.

Today, thanks to advanced technologies, it is possible to create several types of synthetic substance that are absolutely safe for humans, but, of course, not so persistent and strong smelling. In addition, chemists have learned to isolate musk from plants - galbanum and digil.

The main characteristics of this particular substance are:

  • the aroma causes arousal and a sense of mild euphoria;
  • suppresses aggression, gives self-confidence;
  • give warmth and softness to fragrances;
  • unique propertyimportant for the process of making perfumes - is able to permanently fix even the lightest, volatile aromas as part of perfume compositions (spirits can stay like this on the body for 2-3 days, even if you wash).

Varieties of Natural Aphrodisiac

In its pure form, ordinary musk is unlikely to be liked by anyone. But correctly created composition gives the chance to create really unique aroma. So how can you combine such a substance?

The perfumes, in which there are oils of ylang-ylang, lemon, jasmine, sandalwood with the addition of musk, have an incredibly attractive aroma. Gentle and seductive will have a smell on a pink basis.

A special niche in the production of perfumes is black musk. It has the most tart and pronounced aroma of animal origin, but due to the ban on its receipt, it is very rare and expensive. You can meet him only in the compositions of the luxury segment.

White musk got its name not because of the same color, but due to the fact that it has a very light, delicate aroma, which is often compared to the smell of pure baby skin.It is appropriate in perfumes that are intended for daily use - work, walk, date. But it is worthwhile to know that he manifests himself in different ways in women's and men's perfumes. In the first case, it gives sensuality, and in the second case - confidence and even brutality.

Not excited by one

In addition to use in the perfume industry, musk also gained extraordinary popularity in cosmetology and medicine. Thanks to its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties, it is often added to antiage products. It stimulates the renewal and formation of new skin cells, activates blood circulation, smoothes wrinkles, and also helps the skin to assimilate healthy substances.

For therapeutic purposes, it is added to the means to increase potency, as well as drugs for the treatment of nervous disorders and dermatological diseases.

Musk is a special aromatic substance whose popularity does not fade. And the main reason for this is its versatility and a wide range of useful properties.

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