The dresser is a convenient locker for the whole family

However, most of the models of dressers have a habitual appearance for everyone, and you can say that this is their special charm. After all, it's enough just to look at an ordinary chest of drawers, without any fashion tricks, and immediately there are pleasant memories from childhood, and the warmth of the parent's house is felt. Memories of the past pop up in the form of an ancient chest of drawers in the grandmother's room, or an old chest of drawers in the dacha, and in the drawers of these chests of drawers were kept not just things, but history. Dressers can often be seen in both old and new movies.

But leaving the lyrics aside and looking at this piece of furniture from the other side, it becomes it is clear that it is functional and practical, and it will be difficult for him to find a competitor. Some may say that a closet can make a good competition for him, but this is not about him now.
In fact, a dresser is just a comfortable and roomy wardrobe with pull-out shuflyadkami.It can be placed in the bedroom, in the nursery, in the living room or in the kitchen. As a rule, the dresser of which is chosen for the bedroom should be a little more massive, since it contains more things. But this is not a prerequisite, it can be small. In the assortment of any store there is necessarily a less massive model designed for cramped rooms.
Choose a dresser
For a spacious room, you can afford to choose a large chest of drawers with large drawers. It is convenient to store underwear, small accessories in the form of ties and handkerchiefs in the top drawers. And also in the top drawer you can store photos, jewelry, hygiene products, some medicines and other small items. Over the dresser, you can fix the mirror, and the upper side of the chest can be used as a toilet table, placing on it all kinds of lotions, creams and other care products. Of course, you can initially rely on this and immediately buy a model that already has a mirror in the kit.
You can also purchase small and low, so-called, chest of drawers in the bedroom.On such a dresser it will be enough to install a table lamp, and in their drawers you can put everything you need to have next to you before and after sleep - magazines, books, hand cream, and dry and wet napkins. Thus, we get a personal cozy corner. Sure, you can say: a chest of drawers is needed in every home.

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