Choosing a ceramic chimney

Advantages of ceramic chimneys

The main advantages of ceramic chimneys are their versatility, excellent thermal insulation, resistance to the intense effects of high temperatures, including their sudden drops, and corrosion. In addition, a good ceramic chimney has a high fire safety, high-quality bollard, significantly saves energy, is easy to install, easy to operate, resistant to external mechanical stress and does not form condensate. If desired, the chimney can be further protected with a sheath of thermally insulating material or an external casing of foam concrete (stainless steel).
Special technologies used in the manufacture of chimneys from ceramics, allow for a long time to keep warm and effectively remove the products of combustion from chimney systems.
Today, the construction market offers many different models and manufacturers of ceramic chimneys (Phoenix, Schiedel (Shidel), Plewa, TONA, Hart and others).If desired, you can purchase a special ceramic chimney installed on heating systems, the combustion temperature of gases in which does not exceed 200 ° C. But remember that ceramic chimneys are installed only on the foundation and only in an upright position.

How to choose a ceramic pipe for the chimney

Ceramic chimneys are mainly used in the construction of a private house. You will need ceramic isostatic pipes, which have increased strength and resistance to high temperatures. Also these pipes can be used for diesel boilers, wood or gas fireplaces and sauna stoves of any type. They have a smooth and smooth internal surface from the inside and are equipped with high-quality insulation that will ensure safe smoke discharge through the roof.
Remember that in a wooden house a ceramic chimney should not be installed in place of the main ceilings, since the house is constantly seated due to the wood drying out.
When buying a ceramic chimney, make sure that the sellers give you a set of pipes and fittings in the whole factory volume, and not in parts.When choosing pipes, pay attention to their fittings - the package should include: a pipe cap, an inspection door, an acid-resistant sealant for pipe installation, a plug for an inspection hole, non-combustible and basalt mats.
The ideal solution would be to purchase a ceramic chimney with multichannel claydite blocks, which will create a natural ventilation system in the house.

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