Choose a printer for printing cards

When you need to print photos or documents quickly and with minimal financial costs, it is wise to choose the right printer that can easily solve all of the above problems. But printers, widely represented on the market, are different - from thermo-sublimation to multifunction devices, whereas in office and in home environments, two versions of printers are most popular: laser and inkjet printers.

The first profitable to take for high-speed and cost-effective printing of documents. They consume a minimum of toner, cartridges can be purchased at a bargain price (on average, no more than one refill for 2,000 copies of A4 format), they guarantee excellent image quality, since they are not equipped with mechanical parts that can cause unnecessary parasitic vibrations and guarantee printing of files at one time, because constructively they have elements from the computer.

And it really is, because in such a printer the whole file is loaded and then this printer computer,having a processor and RAM, prints documents at a speed of at least 12 kop / min. But the first picture comes out with a slight delay, because he needs to go through an additional stove, in which the toner is subjected to final fixation, you can learn more about it. But as soon as the stove warms up, the printing starts to go at a set speed.

If you need to print photographs in addition to documents, then it is better to take a good idea of ​​inkjet printers shown in everyday life that can work on either four or six inks. The latter additionally use purple and light purple colors, due to which natural colors are achieved. But in the latter case, it is necessary for the printer to print photos on special photographic paper, since the usual one is not able to reproduce all the colors obtained.

The cost of most inkjet printers is kept quite low. But such cheapness is often deceptive, since the purchase of branded models of cartridges literally after a couple of years of operating an inkjet printer can increase the cost several times.This is explained by the fact that branded cartridges are equipped with chip protection, “thanks to” which it is very problematic to use old cartridges. But if you buy a device for uninterrupted supply of ink, this problem is solved easily and simply. And the printer really will be cheap in terms of operation.

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