Choosing a quality and safe door

And then came the long-awaited moment of installation of the entrance door. This is a very difficult and laborious process. But before you install the door, you need to make a choice among the huge proposed product. Quality door you can buy in the store. Which door to prefer?

Types and types of entrance doors.

The type of entrance doors are:sliding and hinged. Here you should pay attention to the design of your house (apartment) and of course your desire.

In appearance they are divided into:glass, wood, plastic, metal. The most reliable doors made of metal. Therefore, we will talk further about the metal doors.

Entrance doors are also divided by degrees to showdown:

1 degree- this door cannot be opened with the help of force and ordinary tools.

2 degree- you will not open the door with special tools, only electric ones.

3 degree- these are the doors that can not be opened even with the help of electrical appliances.

grade 4are armored doors.


If you think that all doors that are made of metal already provide you with security, then you are deeply mistaken. Thin metal can be easily punctured with a screwdriver, or it can be dented from a small kick. Therefore, the very first and important reason for choosing a door is protection. That is, the door you choose should be made of the most dense metal leaf (2-3mm). Just a lot of attention should be paid to the lock, which will be installed in the front door. The lock must be of high quality, as the attackers most often open the locks. You should also install two locks on the door, and they must be of different types. Therefore, it will be better if another additional metal sheet is applied in the area of ​​the castle.


The word isolation should be understood not only isolation from noise. Isolate the entrance door should draft, unpleasant smell, cold.There are several ways to insulate the door:

is a rubber seal, it is laid in several layers, but if a good rubber profile is used during sealing, then one layer is enough;

- mineral wool is also used as insulation, it is the cheapest and is not combustible.

- foam;

The installation seam also plays a huge role in the insulation of the door. If, when installing the door, the seam turned out to be very large and poorly filled, then the sound and smell will pass through it. The highest quality material that will fill the distance between the wall and the door is concrete. Therefore, the installation of the door, also plays a big role in insulation. But you can choose the inner sheet of the entrance door at your discretion, the most important thing is that it pleases you, but you should not forget that it should also be made of high-quality material. Knowing all the parameters of the input metal doors, you can safely make a choice.

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