Citrus Easter: a recipe by Julia Vysotsky

Citrus Easter: a recipe by Julia Vysotsky
Citrus Easter: a recipe by Julia Vysotsky
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Cottage cheese (dry)1 kgCream Cheese200 gramsChicken eggs3 piecesGranulated sugar120 gramsCandied (orange peel)Tangerines (candied)2 pieces)Orange Liquor1 tbsp.Vanilla1 pod
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:25 minutes
  • Cooking time:48 hours
  • Flow temperature:Chilled Dish
  • Processing Type:Cooling
  • Kitchen:European
  • Occasion:Easter
  • Season:year round

Instead of candied mandarins, you can take candied kumquat, and instead of cream cheese, butter, sour cream, or very thick cream. It is good to add lime or orange zest to Easter, and if you like sweets, add more sugar. And do not be alarmed if the curd mass when brewing in a water bath becomes liquid!

Curd wipe through a sieve. Large candied fruits cut into pieces. Combine eggs with sugar, add vanilla and beat with a blender with a whisk nozzle into a fluffy mass, then, continuing to beat, pour in an orange liqueur.Pureed cottage cheese to combine with the egg-sugar mass and cream cheese, mix everything. Add candied fruits, mix again and transfer to the pan. Place the saucepan on the water bath and, stirring constantly, brew the mass, then remove from the heat and continue to mix for a while. Lay the form for Easter folded gauze folded in several layers, lay out the curd mass, cover the gauze crosswise with the edges so that its ends are hung from the mold. Place the form with Easter in a deep plate or baking tray, put the load on top and leave for a couple of days.

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