Classic Cappuccino

Hot drinks warm us well in the cold season or on a cool summer evening. This popular national Italian drink with its excellent aroma and exquisite delicate taste will win the heart of even very capricious gourmets. Ingredients: - Coffee (Arabica or Robusta) ground - 2 tsp . - Sugar - Milk chocolate - Milk - 50 ml. - Water - 1 st.
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Preparation. First of all, make coffee. Everyone has their preference in this matter. We offer one of the options. Boiling water in a kettle or somewhere else. We pour coffee in Turku.
 Classic cappuccino
In Turk we pour boiling water on the neck. We put our "coffee maker" on a small light and wait until a good foam starts to rise gradually. Once this has happened, carefully remove the Turk from the stove. Mix the coffee drink and set it on for a couple of minutes on the fire.Bring the coffee to the boiling point at least three times. Pour the coffee through a sieve into a cup. You can pour the coffee twice so that in the end there is less thick in the cup. Add sugar to coffee and mix it.
 Classic Cappuccino
Next we will make milk foam. For this we need a french press. Pour milk into it.
 Classic cappuccino
Close the lid and press the milk until it turns into foam. Milk is best to take high fat.
 Classic cappuccino
We spread milk froth onto the surface of the coffee.
 Classic Cappuccino
Milk chocolate bar on a small grater and sprinkle with foam. If you normally carry cinnamon, then replace the chocolate with ground cinnamon.
 Classic cappuccino
Bon appetit!

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