Colors in interior design

Combination of colors in the interior and interior design in practice

Itten's circle also shows which colors belong to the warm spectrum, and which to the cold. Yellow and red color, as well as their derivatives give warmth and relaxation, and blue and purple - vigor and severity. Details on the combination of opposite colors in the spectrum can be found at

But the green tint does not belong to any polarity. He is not "cold" and not "hot." It all depends on what color they use it with.

Related Colors

Contrasting pairs are very expressive and bright. But besides them, there are related harmonious colors in interior design such as pink and purple, green and blue, yellow and cream, and so on. At first glance, some of the couples do not fit together well. However, the whole thing is in proportions, with the correct use of which you can get pleasant pale-bedded or saturated colors.

Psychological influence of the living room interior with design and color

The living room is the place where the whole family gathers, where the gatherings are held with relatives and friends, there are holidays and important events. It should be calm, happy and cozy, warm and comfortable. Therefore, the interior design of the living room, especially the color saturation of the room, is emphasized.

The colors surrounding a person affect his emotional state and well-being. They can relax and soothe, cheer up and invigorate. Colors have the following effect:

  • increase the pressure from blue to green, yellow or red;
  • reduce color pressure from red and yellow to blue;
  • improves the nutrition yellow-orange tone;
  • soothing is pink;
  • blue tones relax and reduce stress:
  • a green tone removes tension from the eyes and stimulates concentration on a certain thought;
  • red excites all processes in the human body:
  • A purple tone favorably affects concentration.

The ability to handle the color spectrum ensures the success of high-quality interior design by 80%.

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