Cork Wobbler

Hot summer begins to lose its strength. Already very soon the temperature will drop a little and the long-awaited autumn will come when fishermen take up spinning. A huge number of baits will fly into the water, with only one purpose - to attract the attention of hunting predatory fish. However, you should not give preference only to shop spinners, wobblers and other fishing lures. You can effortlessly make your own attractive gear, which will work fine and bring decent catches. Today I want to tell you about how to make a catchy wobbler from a beer cork with your own hands, which is suitable for fishing on a perch. To make a homemade wobbler, you need: • beer cork; • paper clips;• 2 small-sized self-tapping screws; • • triple or double hook with a winding ring; • • swivel with fastener; • • foam; • nippers.
We take a beer stopper
The process of making a homemade wobbler own p s: 1. We take a beer cork and bite off from both sides of 3 cloves, as shown in the photo.The tail and front blades should turn out.
 Take a beer cork
2. Then, with our hands, squeeze the rounded parts of the iron plug towards each other. It should turn out the preparation of the future wobbler. You can see it in the photo.
 compress to each other the rounded parts
 compress to each other the rounded parts
3. We cut off a piece of foam plastic with a stationery knife and place it inside a homemade wobbler. This will help to increase the buoyancy of the bait and the excellent game when you are posting in a pond. 4. We make a hole in the caudal blade and attach a swivel with a clasp and a hook using a self-tapping screw.
 We cut off
 make a hole
5. We make a core from a clip, which will connect the tail part with the front part and will be attached to the fishing line. The photo shows how to fix this part of the wobbler.
 Wobbler from beer cork
6. It turns out a great homemade perch lure. It now remains to go to the reservoir, adjust the slope of the front blade and with pleasure catch striped predators.
 Beer stopper wobbler
 Wobbler from beer cork
You can always change the double hook on the triple, add or remove the red plastic tail and as a result of trial and experiment, to achieve trouble-free level istosti. I wish all anglers a warm autumn and good fishing. Do not be lazy and make your own fishing lures. Good luck!

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