COUNTRY HOUSES - turnkey for 6 acres

Modular country houses CONVEYT

The most convenient option for building a summer house is to install a mobile modular house CONVEYT. Mobile cottage can be placed in any territory without documents for mounting permission, except that this cottage is not subject to taxation. Mobile construction can be transported and installed, even on the summer cottage, on the seashore, on a plot of private land.

And when, over time, you find a better place, you can easily transport the modular COUNTY house to a new place.

Mobile rapidly constructed dacha is available in three types:

  • modular;
  • collapsible;
  • container.

The future owner of the cottage may choose to finish the house inside and out. This may be minimal work, which allows you to save money, or thorough finishing work in order to give the mobile house and site an ideal look.The house is installed on a concrete base, so that the structure is aligned on all planes, there is no need to lay a solid foundation.

After all the preparatory work and installation of the house, all the other utilities and electricity are available for the area. After that, you can transport furniture and things necessary for a comfortable stay in the cottage.

The dacha is designed with a tambour, kitchen, rooms, lamps and sockets. In the kitchen there are polypropylene pipes, which can be immediately connected to a water source.

Such quickly built cottages are especially appealing to people who have no desire to engage in construction, it is important for them to have a small, cozy and comfortable cottage at their summer cottage.

Cottage CONVEYT installed, for a short period of time. The delivery and reinforcement of the construction takes only 1-2 days, while the construction of the house can be practiced for years.

Many gardeners who plan to build a capital house over time, are happy to install mobile dachas, as this is an opportunity to spend time comfortably in nature before building a permanent home.After building your dream home, a mobile villa can be used as a guest house, a summer kitchen, as a garden equipment room or simply sell. Ready-made houses meet all quality standards. reliable in operation and durable. In addition to all of the above, they have an excellent appearance, modern design, are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay far from the city.

Prefabricated and modular buildings CONVEYT

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