Do-it-yourself snowman

help to plunge deeper into the charming atmosphere of this fabulous, make less visible the boundaries between magic and reality. This is a great opportunity to show or unleash your creative potential and experience memorable moments of working with a child for life.

 Sharing a snowman with your own hands

Sharing a snowman with your own hands

A Christmas craft can become an ornament of an apartment, a class, a Christmas tree, or it can be used as a gift. The main thing is to approach the process of its manufacture with all your heart, giving maximum freedom to your imagination.

A plasticine snowman with your own hands

One of the main winter characters and heroes New Year's holiday is a snowman. It can be made not only for the New Year, but just like that, as a symbol of winter. We will make the first snowman from plasticine. We sculpt the body, head and legs.

 Body, head, legs Body, head, legs

Make pens, little eyes and a nose.

Pens, eyes, spout

Snowman made from pieces of paper

How to make a snowman out of felt ?

A very beautiful snowman made from felt. We cut out two identical contours of the snowman.

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