Crochet donut needle bar

All sorts of handmade things, like the original arrangement of the workplace of the needlewoman, are able to please not only the craftswoman herself, but also her whole environment. Any guest, being in the house of the creative hostess, will surely pay attention not only to the tidiness and cleanliness of the rooms, but also to their design, originality, originality. Everyone will certainly notice the creative approach, the idea, the original application of the composition, its quality performance and accuracy. Such a “treat”, for example, will become not only a place for storing your needles, but also a full-fledged decoration of any room.
 Needle crochet in the shape of donut
A bright and juicy donut is, in fact, extremely simple to perform and does not require a huge amount of various materials at all. It can be knitted with a usual crochet of medium thickness, having only a yarn of beige and pink flowers, as well as a little padding polyester.To imitate the powder, any remnants of colored yarn will do (2-3 colors are enough).
 A crochet needle in the shape of a donut
Type 25 airy loops of sandy, light-colored yarn - Brown or beige and connect this chain to the ring. The product is constantly knitted only with columns without a nakid (all 3 parts), therefore circular rows are already formed correctly at the initial stage, plus they are knitted very quickly and easily.
Needle hook in the shape of donut
The only rule! Do not forget to include in each new row additional columns (increments) and also to constantly increase their number. In total, from this yarn you will need to knit two identical parts.
Donut crochet needle bed
Then fold the finished parts inside out (you only need to sew from the face) and sew these blanks together in their inner circles.
 Needle crochet in the shape of a donut
 Needle crochet donut
The outer sides of the two parts can be crocheted by tying together along the contour with connecting posts.
 Needle hook in the shape of a donut
Exterior edge processing is still good because after stuffing a donut with padding polyester not on obnosti mask the rest of the slot, as in the end of it provyazyvaetsya well as the entire path of the product. This makes it smooth and proportional on all sides.
 Needle crochet in the shape of donut
Frosting should be a pale pink color and occupy 2/3 of our entire surface sweet donut.
 Needle crochet donut
 Needle to yuchkom in the form of a donut
A large natural give her chaotic streaks that can be done in different places of the small chain of air loops (2 to 4).They should also be knitted with single crochets.
 Needle-crochet in the form of a donut
Needle hook in the form of donut
It remains to apply powder with multicolored threads and sew a frosting on a bun.
 Needle hook in the shape of a donut
 Needle-crochet in the form of a donut The appetizing needle bed is ready! And now this cute accessory will be the highlight of your entire collection of accessories for sewing and needlework.
 Needle-crochet in the form of a donut

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