Darwin Award: 10 of the most ridiculous deaths

0Even from the school course we know the famous theory of the evolution of Charles Darwin. She was called to explain why some species and individuals survive, and some die as a result of the struggle for existence. “The strongest survives” - this is the immutable law of evolution.

For several years now, the virtual Darwin Award has been held annually. This award is awarded to representatives of our species, who by their own stupidity saved the gene pool of humanity from their genes. Usually, its nominees are posthumously, but sometimes people get into it, because of their own stupidity who have deprived themselves of their reproductive ability.

Here are the ten most ridiculous deaths for which the Darwin Prize was awarded.

No. 1. Thirst for adrenaline

A resident of Costa Rica, passing over the bridge, suddenly decided to have fun jumping. It seemed to him very disturbing - to jump from a bridge on a rope, right above a pond teeming with crocodiles. At first everything went well: he tied a rope to his feet, and the other end of it - to the bumper of the car, and made the jump.

But it seemed to him a little.Therefore, he asked his friends to arrange a kind of entertainment for him: drive up and drive off so that he jumped a little on the rope. Only he did not calculate one thing - friction forces. So soon the rope broke, and he landed right on the furious crocodiles.


No. 2. Sound sleep

A California resident woke up one night from a cell phone ringing on his nightstand. However, the awakening was so sudden that instead of the phone, he grabbed the charged revolver lying next to him, put it to his head and pulled the trigger.


No. 3. Ineffective Forethought

And this story happened in Los Angeles, where a local resident was going to repair the roof of his house. Before you get on it, he decided to secure work with insurance. He tied her loose end to the bumper of the car and climbed onto the roof. However, he forgot to warn his wife about this, who, unfortunately, decided to go shopping at that time.


№ 4. Love for nature

This story happened in the reserve, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. His visitor wanted to experience new experiences, eliminating the need directly into the ocean.For this he went to the very edge of a steep cliff. Unfortunately, he could not keep his balance, and a gust of wind pushed him down.


№ 5. Light feather

This story happened ten years ago. A young woman was walking in the mountains and suddenly noticed a small feather on the path. She bent to lift him, but at that very moment the feather was picked up by a gust of wind. She followed him to catch him, and did not notice that she was approaching the fence. She fell from a height of about 300 meters and died the next day.


№ 6. An effective jump

A Canadian lawyer liked to impress people. In order to shock the visitors of his company, he now and then rushed to the window, thus demonstrating that the glass is surprisingly strong. It withstood 23 attempts, but it crashed 24 times, and the lawyer’s last jump was fatal.


№ 7. Dangerous laughter

This incident happened about 40 years ago. American Alex Mitchell watched a humorous show on TV and laughed loudly at jokes. Prolonged tension from spasms of laughter led to the fact that his body could not stand it, and the guy died.

Couple while laughing

№ 8. Free flight

Ivan McGuire, who loved the feeling of free flight, died of his own stupidity. He wanted to share happy moments in a jump with the audience and decided to shoot himself on a mobile phone. Already during the flight, when it was time to pull the ring, he found that there was no ring at the right place, just like the parachute itself. He grabbed the phone, but forgot the parachute on the plane.


№ 9. French raincoat

In France of the twentieth century there were many inventors. One of them went down in history, but not by his invention, but by an attempt to test it. He created a parachute cloak, which was supposed to catch the flow of air and not let fall. He tested it, jumping from the top of the Eiffel Tower, which is why he died.


№ 10. The first robbery

One of the inhabitants of America decided to rob a bank. However, he was so worried that, instead of shooting a hostage, he shot himself. The fact is that when you pull the trigger shot for some reason did not happen. Then he aimed the weapon at himself to look into his barrel, and pulled the trigger again. Thus ended the story of his unsuccessful robbery.




It was a dozen of the most ridiculous deaths, for which he was posthumously awarded the Darwin Prize.This is both ridiculous and tragic, but, nevertheless, such cases do occur. Be careful!

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