Making a glass for a gift to your sister

Today, various original and unusual gifts are becoming increasingly popular. A beautifully designed glass with your own hands can be a great solution for a gift to your sister. You can use any materials for this.

Today, there are many different techniques for the design of glasses and glasses available to everyone. In addition, this is a great opportunity to show your imagination and create an original glass for a gift. The simplest way to decorate can be a variety of geometric shapes, like triangles, squares and the like. For decoration, for example, triangles, you need a black adhesive tape and scissors. The tape must be cut into a certain number of small triangles. They are glued to a glass in any order you like. The resulting product has a very stylish look, but the tape can peel off after the first wash. In the same way, you can cut out other shapes or even letters from adhesive tape and stick them on a glass surface.

To create another original product, you will need threads and a decorative feather made in one color, as well as scissors, a thick rope and a superglue. The ends of the thick rope must be dipped into the glue and the thread of the selected color wound on them. It is also necessary to wind the thread along the entire length of the rope, while leaving some distance free. Next, you need to glue the pen in several places to the glass itself. Over it at the bottom of the product a thick, already decorated rope is wound, its ends are glued. A gift to her sister, made in this style, will be very interesting. The main thing is to choose bright and saturated colors for the pen and used threads.

If the previous versions are rather short-term, then the below-described method of decoration will please the owner of the glass for a long time. To create a unique design you will need electrical tape, scissors, a can of paint and a plastic bag. Part of the package is wound on a glass and fixed with a tape. On the remaining open surface with the help of adhesive tape form a certain pattern, as, for example, a chessboard or diagonal. The contents of the can are painted open parts.In this way, you can create an interesting decor, even made in different colors.

Thanks to fantasy you can realize the most original ideas. An ordinary glass can turn into a magnificent work of art. You can decorate it with ribbons, beads, various decorative fabrics and other materials.

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