Decoration of a fence with cement decorations

You can easily add uniqueness and beauty to your old cement fence that distinguishes it from dozens of simple gray fences. To do this, you need only half a bucket of cement mortar and a little imagination. All work on decorating the fence with cement decoration is divided into five stages. • Choosing a pattern. • • Preparing the wall. • • Kneading a mortar. • • Sketch. • Execution of the scenery. Choosing a picture. The Internet or your own imagination will help you decide on a suitable picture. This can be a bunch of grapes, leaves, flowers, etc. The main thing is that the drawing does not contain small details. It will be more difficult to create such a decoration, and it will look worse than simple. Preparing the wall. Having defined the pattern and its location on the wall, we draw its approximate contours.
Preparing the wall
Next, at this stage you need to ensure a good bundle of future scenery with a fence.To do this, on the site of the future decoration you need to make shallow notches with the help of a grinder or some sharp object.
 Preparing the wall
Such procedures will ensure the strength of the connection and will not allow forgery and detachment fall in the future. Kneading a solution. To make a decoration, you need a conventional solution made from sand, cement and water. Three to four pieces of sand must be moved with one piece of cement. Pour water into the resulting mixture and mix it all thoroughly. Water should be added until dry lumps remain in the solution.
 Kneading a mortar
But you should not overdo it - it is hard to work with a very liquid solution. In the finished mixture, you can add a drop of detergent. This will make the solution more elastic, it will not quickly "sit down." Sketch. The prepared solution needs to be thrown with a trowel to the place of future decoration not in a thick layer (1.5 - 3cm). In order for the solution to stick well and not fall away, the throws must be sharp and clear. It is not necessary to press a trowel badly adhering to the fence "cake" - it is better to tear them and throw them again.Flattening flat cakes is also not necessary.
Execution of the scenery. After the solution is thrown, you need to give him a little time to "grab". And in ten or fifteen minutes you can start art. With the help of some kind of twig, a necessary pattern or pattern is scraped out, excess cement is removed.
Next, using a regular paint brush, periodically wetting it with water, all sharpness and roughness of the decoration are smoothed out. If necessary, you can use the foam grater, which is very convenient to smooth down the plane. Everything, the decoration is ready!
 Scenery performance
After the scenery dries, you can paint it either pure cement dissolved in water, or with added color pigment. This will give the manufacture a kind of shade. Painting your work of art with conventional paints is possible, but it is not advisable, as simple paint can burn out and peel off with time. Decoration of the fence with cement decorations
 Decoration of the fence with cement decorations
Only here it’s not necessary to be an artist - all lines are laid out using level and roulette. So, you can easily give a second wind and a new freshness to the old, gray cement fence !

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