Wall decoration in an easy and affordable way

Often we are bored with the usual and monotonous lifestyle. I want to paint the gray weekdays with positive and bright events. At such times, any change around brings joy. For example, it can bring a change in the interior or decoration of the wall. How can you decorate an empty wall with minimal material, time and effort?
empty wall
At the same time so that not only adults, but also children of any age enjoy the process. The answer is simple - make eight-pointed stars with an origami method, decorate each star, and then decorate the wall with them. You will need: colored paper, glue, tape and favorite family photos.
 colored paper
First, take an A4 sized sheet of paper.
 A4 paper
We fold it in half.
 We fold in half
Bend a corner on either side,to continue to get the same squares.
 bend the corner
 tear off the corner
cut off
Open the previously bent triangles and tear them along the line so that you get 2 squares.

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