Decorative candles

The use of candles can not only decorate a boring and dull interior, but also create a special, unique mood. At the same time, candles never overload the interior, it’s not for nothing that they are the main decor object in the style of minimalism. If you are equipping a room in this particular style, stock up with as many different candles as possible — thick and thin, rectangular and round, white and multi-colored, with various decorations. You can also make candles with your own hands. In this case, your interior will be even more original and unique. To create a decorative candle, we need: a shape for a future candle, a thread pre-impregnated with wax, a slice of lemon, orange peel, small scissors, a paraffin candle, a dish in which will be heat paraffin, a saucepan with water for a steam bath.
 Decorative Candles
 Decorative candles
1.In the bottom of the form with a needle or sharp scissors we make a small hole and draw a thread into it, pre-soaked in wax. Please note that the bottom of the form will be the top of the future candle. Outside, we tie the thread tip to the knot.
 necessary materials
 hang thread
hang the thread
2. The second end of the thread is fixed in the scissors, and the scissors themselves are placed on top of the form so that the thread is taut. 3. From the inside we grease the form with sunflower oil. We do this so that the candle easily falls behind the shape. 4. In the form put lemon slices, orange peel.
fill with paraffin
 add filler
5. On the water bath, melt the wax, pour it into the form. Melt the candle should be in a metal or ceramic pot, do not use glass containers, because they can burst when heated. 6.We put the form in a cool place, you can in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer, otherwise your candle will turn out to be muddy and ugly. 7. Making a second candle. It will be wider, because we take the form more. We perform the same procedure as with the first candle. We make a hole, stretch the thread. Melt the wax and pour into the mold. Now take the pasta and throw in the wax, while it has not yet thickened. Pasta, on the one hand, will make a beautiful relief, and on the second - form bumps on the surface thanks to the air that they have. 8. We also put the form in a cold place.
 waiting for cooling
9. When the wax is frozen, we remove the candle. If she herself does not depart, you do not need to pick it out. Just hold the form over the fire or over the same steam bath, the wax will melt near the walls, and the candle will easily get out of the form.
 the candle is ready
 candle ready
Our candles are ready, we decorate them, we arrange them around the room. By the way, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax,and then in the process of burning the candle will delight you with a wonderful aroma.
 Decorative candles
 Decorative candles

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