Decoupage Christmas balls

Soon the New Year, and we want to decorate our Christmas tree somehow very beautiful and at the same time original and unusual. Therefore, we just need the today's master class, thanks to which we will independently decorate plastic balls using decoupage technique. Materials that we will need: • Two large plastic balls with a diameter of 8-9 cm, it is better to take silver colors not to fade; • Two wipes for decoupage: with New Year's dwarfs and Santa Claus; • White acrylic paint; • • PVA glue; • • Acrylic lacquer for decoupage; • • Fan brush; • Plates of glass or ceramic; • Kitchen foam sponge; • Spangles d For decorating; • Two bamboo sticks.
 pour white paint
Stela package on the table, remove the top caps from the balls , take the ball for the top.Now we pour white paint in one plate, dip a sponge into it and start to paint the ball. First, paint one ball, carefully put it on the bamboo stick and leave to dry, then paint the second ball, also put it on the stick.
dries on plasticWe remove the upper layers from each fragment of the napkin, we get here such blanks.
 Applying the drawing
Applying one drawing to the ball and carefully dunk the brush in glue mix, glue the picture to the ball, then the second fragment in a circle.
paste the picture
third and fourth
Also the third and fourth. Let the surface of the ball completely dry. While decorating in the same sequence the second ball.
 Both balls dry
Both balls dry, we put on their caps and start covering them varnish.
Decoupage Christmas balls
 cover varnish
Cover the balls 3-4 layers of glossy acrylic varnish.Balls get shine and they can be sprinkled with sequins for decoration. That's how they got the balls on the handmade Christmas tree.
 Decoupage of Christmas balls

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